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Taral Wayne is a zine editor, writer and fan artist.

Taral Wayne, from Ontario, Canada, began publishing zines in the 1970s.

DNQ, the initials standing for "Do Not Quote", was co-edited with Victoria Vayne, and published in Willowdale, Ontario from April 1978 till October 1984. It was a monthly publication, usually mimeographed in two and three colours. 34 issues were published.

Toronto the Ghood was a one issue only anthology of writing from Toronto fanzines published in Toronto, Ontario, and was released for the first Ditto Convention held in Toronto in 1988. The anthology was dedicated to the memories of Leslie Croutch, editor of Light; Bill Grant, editor of Canadian Fandom; P. Howard Lyons, editor of Ibidem; and Susan Wood, editor of Aspidistra, Energumen, Amor, and Genre Plat.

In 2002 Murray Moore, editor of Aztec Blue, published an anthology of the fanwriting of Taral Wayne called Old Toys.