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Issue 16 Summer 1987
Cover art by Steve Stiles

BSFan was a science fiction fanzine published by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society.

BSFan was published in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. in the 1970s till 1990.

The first issue was published in 1975, with Mike Kurman and Judy Kurman as editors. They released two more issues that year. Issue 4 was listed in Rune # 48, from 1976, and #9 was released in 1978. Issues 13 to 18 were edited by Elaine Stiles. Issue 13 appeared January 1984; #15 in Summer 1986; #16 in Summer 1987; #17 in December 1988; and #18, in Winter 1990. After this issue, Halmer D. Haag took over as editor. Issue 20 appeared in 1993, with #21 and #22 following in 1994.

The Art Director was Steve Stiles, who also contributed art work. Covers for issues #16 and #19 were by Steve Stiles, and #17 by Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Contributors of writing included rich brown; Steve Brown, with fanzine reviews; Steve Stiles, with his TAFF report; and Taral Wayne, contributing the prose poem "nothing like the sense of wonder", later reprinted in the anthology Old Toys.

Previously, Mike Kurman had published MIAFan in the 1960s.

Halmer D. Haag (September 6, 1946 - August 12, 2009) was the director-at-large of Games Club of Maryland, director of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, and co-founder of the Baltimore-Washington Secret Masters of Fandom.

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