Toronto the Ghood

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Toronto the Ghood
Cover art by Taral Wayne

Toronto the Ghood was a one issue only anthology of writing from Toronto fanzines edited by Taral Wayne.

Toronto the Ghood was published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and was released for the first Ditto Convention held in Toronto in 1988. Mimeography was done by Mike Glicksohn. The anthology was dedicated to the memories of Leslie Croutch, editor of Light; Bill Grant, editor of Canadian Fandom; P. Howard Lyons, editor of Ibidem; and Susan Wood, editor of Aspidistra, Energumen, Amor, and Genre Plat.

Toronto the Ghood contained the following articles:

  • "Casting in the Time Pool" by Taral Wayne
  • "Aaaaaagghh!!!" by Beak Taylor, from Canadian Fandom #11, 1946
  • "Chain Letter" by P. Howard Lyons, from Ibidem #3, 1955
  • "Derelict derogations #8" by Boyd Raeburn, from A Bas #10, 1957
  • "Straw & Cold Cuts" by Boyd Raeburn, from Le Moindre #30, 1973
  • "Fans and the Future" by Peter Gill, from Energumen #1, 1970
  • "My 2 cents Worth" by Susan Wood, from Energumen #4, 1970, and #6, 1971
  • "Kumquat May & Coddled Eggs" by Rosemary Ullyot, from Energumen #5, 1973
  • "In the Glicksohn Vein" by Mike Glicksohn, from Karass #2, 1974
  • "Das Boots & A Dialogue by Bob Wilson, from Eine Kliene Bottle, Musik I & Calico Belly, 1976
  • "But What About Photosynthesis" by Janet Wilson, from Simulacrum #7/8, 1977/78
  • "MSS From a Tobacco Factory" by Phil Paine, from Footwear For Achilles, 1976
  • "I Can Always Dream" by Taral Wayne, from The Monthly Monthly #9, 1981
  • "Here And Back Again" by Bob Webber, from Fish Below Ice #1, 1988

Plus "Can Fan Personalities", articles profiling Canadian fans from Canadian Fandom, including Beak Taylor (#3), Albert A. Betts (#4), Ned McKeown (#6), Bill Grant (#8), John Millard (#9), Gerald A. Steward (#11), and Boyd Raeburn (#12).