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Genre Plat was a science fiction fanzine by Allyn Cadogan, William Gibson, John Park, and Susan Wood.

The first issue was published in the Spring of 1977 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where all four editors were members of the British Columbia Science Fiction Association and Allyn was editor of BCSFAzine.

Issue 1 features "Up the Gutter From New Orleans" by Doug Barbour, "How I Joined Fandom and Learned To Love Its Outlaws" by Allyn Cadogan, "Them Or Us" by William Gibson, an article on Lord Of The Rings by M. L. Petard, "Tidepool" by Susan Wood, a 2-page comic collaboration between Ken Fletcher (Rune) and William Gibson, and an editorial called "Dangerously Amateur" by Allyn and William.

Issue 2 was published in Summer 1977. In its pages, Marta Randall writes about a music festival; Doug Barbour reviews two novels by Michael Bishop; Bill Beard reviews Star Wars and Rabid; Susan Wood writes about John Bangsund, editor of Scythrop; and John Bangsund writes "John W. Campbell and the Meat Market".

After this issue the other three editors leave, and Allyn Cadogan carries on publishing.

Issue 3, released Winter/Spring 1978, was published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., and features an interview with Kate Wilhelm, with Susan Wood contributing the article "How to Stop Writing For Fanzines".

Issue 4 arrived in Winter/Spring 1980, and included Allyn Cadogan, William Gibson, and Sheryl Gottlieb.

Two more issues followed, #5 in Fall 1983 and the last issue, #6, in Winter 1985.

Contributions of art work came from George Barr, Grant Canfield, William Gibson, Alexis Gilliland, Tim Kirk, Trina Robbins, Bill Rotsler, and Dan Steffan (Boonfark).