The Drink Tank

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The Drink Tank
Issue 154 2007
Cover designed by Mo Starkey

The Drink Tank is a fanzine edited and published on an approximately weekly schedule by Christopher J. Garcia. It focuses on science fiction fandom, sex, weirdness and rock music. The title comes from a typo on a form filing trademark on the name for a film production company in the mid-1990s.

Edited by Chris Garcia, The Drink Tank debuted on on January 31st, 2005. At first it was a rough zine of five pages. Over the first five months, the zine went from being written primarily by one small group of friends to a more general zine featuring such writers as Steve Green, John Hertz, Jay Lake, M Lloyd (Stacked Decks), Judith Morel, SaBean MoreL, Lloyd Penney (Torus), John Purcell (Askance, In A Prior Lifetime), Jason Schachat, and Frank Wu. It is well-known for featuring art of busty women and strange articles, as well as being poorly proofread.

Starting in 2006, the zine changed format (from portrait to landscape) and gained more new writers, like James Bacon (Journey Planet), Niall Harrison, Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Izzard), Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Mark Valentine (Aklo), Taral Wayne (DNQ), Ted White, and others.

Art comes from Frank Wu, Bill Rotsler, Taral Wayne, Espana Sheriff (Science Fiction / San Francisco), Steve Green, Robert Hole (e2PMI), Brad W. Foster, Mo Starkey, and others.

Photographs came from Ann Green, RJ Johnson, and Jean Martin (Science Fiction / San Francisco), among others.

In 2011, The Drink Tank won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine.

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