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Aztec Blue was a science fiction fanzine by Murray Moore.

Published in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the first issue of Aztec Blue appeared in September 2000.

Issue 1 featured a cover by William Rotsler, and the articles, "Albania, For Enver and Enver: 1988" by John Berry (Pot Pourri); "Our SF Fandom: A Stimulating Diversion", by Mike Glicksohn (Energumen, Xenium); "Meeting Ray Bradbury" by Dave Rowe; and "Living As A Deaf Person" by Joyce Scrivner.

Issue 2 (January 2001) featured a cover by Steve Stiles, and the second part of John Berry's travelogue; "Chicon, My Chicon" by Murray Moore, about attending the 2000 Worldcon; and letters from Chester Cuthbert, Rodney Leighton, Lloyd Penney (Torus), Dale Speirs (Opuntia) and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons).

Issue 3 (May 2001) featured a cover by Grant Canfield, and the conclusion of John Berry's travelogue of his trip to Albania as well as a back cover by Grant Canfield.

Issue 4 was released in June 2001.

Issue 5 (September 2001), features a cover by Brad Foster, a cartoon by Teddy Harvia, and the articles "What's in an Annish" by Henry Welch (The Knarley Knews); Howard Devore on his experiences as a printer; and a reprinting of the article "The Moth and the Arctic Steamroller" by Boyd Raeburn, from his fanzine A Bas, with tributes to Raeburn on the occasion of his passing by Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), and Curt Phillips. Letters came from Eric Lindsay (E-Ditto), Ron Solomon, and Bill Wright.

In the 2002 issue of No Award (#11), Joseph Major wrote, "Canadian fanzine fandom, after a period in the nineties of vigor, seemed to evaporate...Fortunately we are seeing the stirrings of revival, with Murray Moore's Azrtec Blue leading the pack."

In 2002 Murray Moore published Old Toys, a fanthology of the writings of Taral Wayne. He later released the fanzines Green Stuff for FAPA, and Dinosaur Spit for SAPS.

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