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Dale Speirs is a zine editor and mail artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Speirs’ long-time publication is Opuntia, a zine in which the nature of each issue varies. Whole numbered issues are devoted to science fiction; within this community, Opuntia is held in high regard, having won the 2005 Aurora Award for Best Fanzine. But other issues are alternately perzines, review zines, or devoted to mail art, rubber stamps, or other topics.

Spiers has also published other zines such as The Canadian Journal of Detournement, of which at least 15 issues have appeared. It is a single sheet folded to form a four-page digest. Other projects include Sansseviera, another one sheet, and Sempervivum, which is devoted to mail art projects. These zines are often included in mailings of Opuntia. He is also the editor of Thrilling Typewriter Stories, of which two issues have appeared, which is a reprint zine of older work related to typewriters.

Dale Spiers is also an active mail artist whose work can be found on-line in various mail art blogs and webpages.



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