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Issue 12 July 1977
Cover art by Susan Armstrong

Menagerie was a media science fiction fanzine by Sharon Ferraro and Paula Smith.

The first issue of Menagerie was released in 1973. It was devoted to Star Trek (the original series) and contained editorials, satire, fiction, poetry, art, fanzine reviews, and letters. The last issue, 17, was published in 1981.

Contributors of writing included Susan Armstrong, Margaret Basta (Babel), Jacqueline Bielowicz, Paula Block, Lori Chapek-Carleton, Chen, Lee Crawford, Mary Louis Dodge, Gerry Downes, Margaret Draper, G. Eiran, Connie Faddis (Interphase), Kathie Farnell, Jocelyn Feaster, Vaughn Guild, Cynthia Gwilym, Anna Mary Hall, Sandy Hall, Dian Hardison, Rose Marie Jakubjansky, Phyllis Karr (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror), Ellen M. Kozak, Barbara Lambert Hancock, Diane Marchant, Diedre Matthews, Mary Kay Polan, Inge Roeder, Eileen Roy, Brenda Shaffer, Cara Sherman (Romulan Wine), Karen Strope, Kathleen Tucker, and Joyce Yasner (Eel-Bird Banders' Bulletin).

Poetry was by Jane Aumerle, Caroline Carrock, Helen Dye, Jocelyn Feater, Rose Marie Jakubjansky, Frankie Jemison, Stephen Mendanhall, Carolynn Ruth, and Paula Smith.

Contributors of art work included Robert Abiera, Susan Armstrong, Terry Austin, Todd Bake, Randy Bathurst, T.J. Burnside, Grant Canfield, Gordon Carleton, Chen, Mike Chiccelly, Stuart Chisholm, Jean DeMott, Liz Dulac, Connie Faddis, Leslie Fish, Karen Flannery, Steven Fox, Melanie Frame, Cheryl Frashure, Paulie Gilmore, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen, Xenium), Jeanine Goodson, Joan Hanke-Woods, Amy Harlib, James Hastings-Trew, C. Lee Healy, Doug Herring, Wendy Lindboe, Nan Lewis, Taral MacDonald (aka Taral Wayne), Mike MacGuiness, Diane Marchant, Elizabeth Marshall, Martynn, Jeff Maynard, Monica Miller, P.S. Nim, Pat O'Neill, Brian Pavlac, Peggy Pomposini, Doug Rice, Eileen Roy, Carolynn Ruth, Cara Sherman, Jim Shull (The Essence), Kevin Siembieda, Paula Smith, Joan Thornbottom, Bjo Trimble (Shangri L'Affaires, Pas-Tell, Melange), Laurraine Tutihasi (Feline Mewsings), Anji Valenza, Joni Wagner, Robin Wood, Mark Wright, V.M. Wyman, and Steve Young.

Covers were by Joni Wagner (#3), Phil Foglio (#4, #5, #6, #15), Doug Rice (#6, #9, #13), V.M. Wyman (#7/8, #16), Jim Odbert (#10), C. Lee Healy (#11), Susan Armstrong (#12), Nan Lewis (#14)

Letters came from Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Bjo Trimble.

Issue 15 featured a profile of artist Frank Kelly Freas.