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el is a science fiction fanzine by Earl Kemp.

el is a webzine which was begun in January 2002, and hosted on eFanzines.com. In December 2011, the 60th, and last issue was released.

el consisted of the rough drafts of Earl Kemp's memoirs, as well as detailed and illustrated accounts and bibliographies of various publishers, such as Brandon House, Fantasy Press, and William Lawrence Hamling, histories of writers such as J.G. Ballard, Victor Banis, Michael Moorcock, Olaf Stapledon, and fans such as Sidney Coleman, John Foyster, Dick 'Ditmar' Jenssen, and Ella Parker. The fanzine has also included tributes to artists Hannes Bok, Ed Emshwiller, and William Rotsler.

Contributors of art work included Harry Bell (Grimwab), Grant Canfield, Ross Chamberlain, Brad Foster, Dick 'Ditmar' Jenssen (Etherline), Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Steve Stiles, Charlie Williams, and Alan White.

Contributors of articles have included Mike Ashley (Xeron), Victor J. Banis, Ann Bannon, John Baxter, Gregory Benford (Void), Robert Bloch, Lawrence Block, richard w. brown, Jim Caughran, Graham Charnock, Pat Charnock (Wrinkled Shrew), Sidney Coleman, Juanita Coulson (Yandro, ST-Phile), Brittany A. Daley, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Avram Davidson, Howard DeVore, Mike Deckinger, Lloyd Arthur Ebach, Charles Fruedenthal, Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank), Richard E. Geis, Stephen J. Gertz, Jay A. Gertzman, Bruce Gillespie (Steam Engine Time, SF Commentary), Ed Gorman, Rob Hansen (Chuch), Arthur Hlavaty, John-Henri Holmberg, Arnie Katz (Vegas Fandom Weekly), Patrick J. Kearney, Earl Terry Kemp, Lori Lake, Rob Latham, Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Jim Linwood (Typo), Dave Locke (Time and Again, Awry), Richard Lupoff (Xero), Barry Malzberg, Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace), Lynn Munroe, Jerry Murray, Will Murray, Richard Newson, Charles Nuetzel, Lois Ortiz, Gerald Page (Si-Fan), Alexei Panshin, Rosemary Pardoe (Ghosts & Scholars, Wark), Greg Pickersgill (Stop Breaking Down, Rastus Johnson's Cakewalk), Lloyd Penney (Torus), George W. Price, Christopher Priest, Thomas Ramirez, Mike Resnick , Mack Reynolds, Frank Robinson, Francine Schieskopf, Rayonelle Sieben, Richard Silverberg (Spaceship), Gary Sohler, Mary Southworth, Dan Steffan, Steve Stiles, J. G. Stinson (Steam Engine Time, Peregrine Nations), Jon Stopa, Robert Toomey, Richard Toronto, Larry Townsend, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie). Paul T. Turner, Shelby Vick (Confusion), Robert Weinberg, Peter Weston (Prolapse, Relapse), Alan White, Ted White (Void), Les Wiley, Charlie Williams, Ian Williams, Richard Yerza, Len Zettel.

Photographs were by Martin Alger, Victor Banis, Helena Binns, Jenny Bruce, Arthur Burns, Bill Burns, Harold Butler, Peter Cooper, Edward Emshwiller, Keith Freeman, Jeanette Gillespie, Jean Grant, Lee Harding (Perhaps), Steve Harris, Richard Hickey, Laura Holmberg, Ben Jason, Dick Jenssen, Jay K. Klein, David Lieberman, Guy H. Lillian III (Challenger), Eric Lindsay, Kevin J. Maroney, Norman Masters, Murray Moore (Aztec Blue), Dianne Murray, Bent Naesby, Paul Oldroyd, Bruce Pelz, Billy Joe Plott (The J.T. Oliver Photo Collection), Yvonne Rousseau (Australian Science Fiction Review (second series)), Joe Sarna, Tom Schlück, Karin Thieme, Jodi Wille, Dave Wood (Brennschluss), and George Young.

Contributors of fiction have been Victor J. Banis.

Reprints of art work and writing have been by Karen Anderson and Poul Anderson, Harry Bremner, Ron Ellik, Ed Emshwiller, John Foyster (Australian Science Fiction Review (second series)), Steve Harris, Lee Jacobs (The Ballard Chronicles), Charles Magana, Julian C. May, John K. Peterson, Ralph Rayburn Phillips, Eric Stanton, Norman Saunders, Bjo Trimble, and Mari Wolf, among others.

Issue 29 was a reprinting of Kemp's Hugo Award winning issue of Safari, "Who Killed Science Fiction?".

el won the FAAn Award for Best Fanzine in 2009.