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Brennschluss was a science fiction fanzine by Irene Gore Potter, Ken Potter and Dave Wood.

Ken Potter and Dave Wood had first got together as teenage science fiction fans, and had started The British Teenage Fantasy and Science Fiction Society, later known as the Junior Fanatics, and published their official organ Peri. Together, they had also put out the fanzines Triumph, and Scientifiction, prior to publishing Brennschluss.

The first issue of Brennschluss was a one sheet that appeared in the Supermancon Combozine in 1954. Issue 2, consisting of 44 pages this time, arrived in August 1955, with a special letters supplement published the same year. The third issue was published in April 1958, and the fourth in Spring 1969. The fifth issue was released in 1961, and was also included in the 29th mail-out of the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association APA. Issue six was the last issue, released in the early sixties.

Contributors included Mal Ashworth (Rot), whose work was later included in the reprint zine Entropy, published by Terry Carr, as well as Don Geldart, George Locke (Smoke, Ipso Facto), and the editors. Also reprinted in Entropy was Ken Potter's advert for the 'Society for the Abolition of Life'.

Ron Bennett, reviewing issue 4 in Skyrack #18 from May 1960, says, "Dammit, this is Brennschluss, and who amongst us can remember when the previous issue appeared? Printed on rainbow paper, this humourzine makes a welcome re-entry to the Zinescene with material by Mal Ashworth, Dave Wood, George Locke, Ken Potter, Don Geldart (a terrific piece on Japanese life), and Irene Potter. A magazine to be read during an off hour - like, for cheering you up."

Dave Wood also published the fanzines Centaurian and Stellar. Ken Potter also published Beyond.

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