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Rot was a science fiction fanzine by Mal Ashworth (d. November 23, 2002).

Rot was distributed through the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association in the 1950s and 1960s for the first three issues. It first appeared in September 1955, with issue 2 in May 1957, the 3rd in June 1959, issue 4 was released in March 1960.

Writing in Skyrack #16 of April 1960, Ron Bennett reviews Rot Issue 4, and says, "...this magazine is chockful of examples of the famous Ashworth humour, and I have to confess, is extremely hard to review in detail, except to say, perhaps, that this is a commentary on life as seen through the Ashworth eyes…Recommended."

issue 5 was published in 1963, which was the last until being briefly revived in 1984 for a 6th issue.

Of this issue, Skyrack 51 of April 1963 says, "Making a surprise but very welcome appearance on the zinescene is this up to standard humourzine from gafiate Mal Ashworth. Dated Summer 1961, but with a special up to date section, this contains recommended material by Irene Potter, the late Doc Weir and Mal himself."

Contributors of writing included Sid Birchby, Irene Potter (Brennschluss), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), and Doc Weir.

Contributors of art work include Bill Rotsler, and ATom (The ATom Anthology).

Rot was one of the top twenty fanzines in the Skyrack Poll for 1960, and Mal Ashworth was one of the top ten Fan Writers for 1959 and 1960.

Mal Ashworth had previously published I Dreamt I Crept In Marble Crypts for Fantasy Amateur Press Association in 1953 and, with Tom White, published BEM from 1954 till 1958. In 1960, he released the one shot fanzine A Few Words About Bilbo Bentcliffe.