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W. Paul Ganley is a fanzine publisher and editor of science fiction, poetry and horror fanzines.

He has contributed to many zines and small press publications, sometimes using the pseudonyms Toby Duane, A. Arthur Griffin, or Walter Quednau.

The first fanzine published by W. Paul Ganley was Fan-Fare. The first issue was released in 1950 in North Tonawanda, New York, U.S.A. Fan-Fare was published from 1950-1954, reaching at least three volumes of issues.

During the run of Fan-Fare, Ganley also released Snowflakes in the Sun, a one-issue-only poemzine, illustrated by Nancy Share. It was published in 1952, though the Preface is dated March 9, 1953. It is subtitled "A Collection of Fantasy Verse." In the Preface, though, Ganley comments that "many of the poems herein belong to the realm of science-fiction." Also during this time, he was one of the co-editors of Cataclysm.

However, Ganley is perhaps best known for his contributions to the genre of weird fiction and horror, both as a writer and publisher. Ganley returned to publishing in the 1970s with the release of Eerie Country, devoted to weird fiction, suspense and horror stories and poetry. Published in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., nine issues were released, the first issue appearing in 1976, and the last in 1982. At the same time he was also publishing Weirdbook, which was so successful it quickly became a semi-professional magazine. In 1988 Ganley published the one-shot Weirdbook Sampler. In 1990 Ganley began publishing Weirdbook Encores, giving the first issue under this title #11, noting that it was a continuation of both Eerie Country and Weirdbook Sampler. Encores ran four issues, ceasing publication with #14 in 1993.

Starting in 1980, Ganley also published Amanita Brandy, a small press publication of weird, horror, and fantasy poetry. Four issues of Amanita Brandy were released, beginning in 1980 with issue #1, followed by Issue #2 in 1989, issue #3 in 1992, and the last issue published in Summer 1999.

As a publisher of books, he has released a number of titles by authors such as Joseph Payne Brennen, Peter H. Cannon, Brian Lumley, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Darrell Schweitzer, and Nancy Springer.




  • Limericks for the Midnight Hours (1999)
  • Recall Dark Memories (2002)

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