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Flame was a poetry periodical published by Lilith Lorraine in the 1950s and 1960s, first in Long Island, New York, and later in Alpine, Texas, U.S.A.

When it was later published in Texas, it was printed in Dallas by Vaida Stewart Montgomery and her husband Whitney Montgomery, editors of Kaleidoscope: A National Magazine of Poetry, who ran Kaleidograph Press. Along with Flame, the couple also printed Raven for Lilith Lorraine and Wings for Stanton Coblentz, among many other small press poetry magazines.

The first issue appeared in Spring 1954. The thirty-sixth and final issue was dated Winter/Spring 1962-1963. Following this issue, Flame merged with Vernon Payne's Cyclotron, becoming Cycle*Flame, which ran into the mid-1970s.

Contributors to Flame included Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Joseph Payne Brennan (Essence, Macabre), Richard Brautigan, Doris Pitkin Buck, Charles Bukowski, David R. Bunch, August Derleth, Frederick Feirstein, W. Paul Ganley (Fan-Fare), Hyacinthe Hill, Orma McCormick (Starlanes), Vernon Payne, Edith Ogutsch, Dorothy Quick, Thomas Burnett Swan, Evelyn Thorne (Epos: A Quarterly of Poetry), Lewis Turco, and many others.

The first appearance of Richard Brautigan's poem, "Someplace in the World a Man is Screaming in Pain", was in the Autumn 1955 issue of Flame.

Lilith Lorraine also published the poetry periodicals Challenge and Different, and the science fiction publication The Avalonian.