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The Explorer
Issue 2.6 November 1951
Cover art by Lee Hoffman

The Explorer was a science fiction fanzine published in the late 1940s and early 1950s by The International Science Fiction Correspondence Club (ISFCC).

The first issue was published in 1949.

Ed and Jo Noble were the editors until at least October 1952, after which Ray C. Higgs (The National Fantasy Fan, Arion, Fantasia) assumed the editorship.

In "The ISFCC Story", W. Paul Ganley recalls having received a letter from Richard Franz Abbott, in response to a letter of his published in the December 1948 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories indicating that he was looking to create The American Science Fiction Correspondence Club. Ganley states that "this was the beginning of the ISFCC." Shortly thereafter, Abbott contacted Calvin T. Beck, who had recently organized The Science Fiction Trading Post, and suggested a merger of the two fledgling organizations. The proposed alliance failed, but, after much wrangling, the ISFCC finally emerged with a constitution (legalized in Ohio on April 7, 1949) and a clubzine. The Constitution stated that "the purpose of this charter club is for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and methods on the science fiction world".

Prior the the publication of The Explorer, though, the ISFCC published its announcements and news in Martin R. Woomer's eclectic zine Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Larry Kiehlbauch was one of the early Presidents of the organization, until Lynn Hickman (TLMA, The Little Corpuscle) assumed the post at the end of 1951. By late 1953 Donald E. Gates was club President and Honey Wood (The National Fantasy Fan) was Vice-President. In 1954, K. Martin Carlson (The Kay-Mar Trader) became President.

The club roster for 1952 listed 147 members, including Richard Abbott, James Angell, Richard Bergeron (Warhoon), Gregg Calkins (Oopsla!), G.M. Carr (Cry of the Nameless), Fred Chappell, Wilkie Connor, Marian Cox (The Femizine), Jack Cuthbert (The Day of the Beast), Roger Dard (Star Rover), P.H. Economou (Phlotsam), Joe Fillinger (Ghuvna), Eva Firestone (The National Fantasy Fan), W. Paul Ganley (Fan-Fare), Nan Gerding (Nandu, Starlanes), Jim Harmon, Lynn Hickman, Ray C. Higgs, Lee Hoffman (Quandry), Terry Jeeves (ERG), Janie Lamb (The Heiskell Holler), Vernon L. McCain (Wastebasket), Edward Noble, Jo Noble, Will Sykora (The Scientifilmaker), Emili A. Thompson, Basil Wells, Walt Willis (Slant), and Honey Wood.

Contributors to the The Explorer included James Angell, Alan G. Davis, Eva Firestone, W. Paul Ganley, Donald E. Gates, Tony Glynn, Helen M. Huber, Terry Jeeves, Larry Kiehlbauch, Janie Lamb, George McPhaden, and Ed Noble.

Cover art was done by Alan G. Davis (January 1954), Margaret Dominick (October 1953), and Lee Hoffman (November 1951).

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