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March 1972
Cover art, "The Haunter Of The Dark", by Robert Kline

HPL is a fanzine by Meade and Penny Frierson devoted to H. P. Lovecraft.

The first issue of HPL, subtitled "A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft", was published in March 1972 in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A. It was 144 pages, and was published in a limited run of 1,000 copies. Two supplementary issues followed; The HPL Supplement #1, released October 1972, and The HPL Supplement #2, released early 1973.

The Associate Editor for articles was Stuart Schiff, and the Associate Editor for artwork was Herb Arnold.

Artwork was by Herb Arnold, Richard Corben, Lee Brown Coye, Stephan Fabian, Dany Frolich, Jim Garrison, Tim Kirk, Robert Kline, Gary Myers, Mike Scott, John Swanson, and Denis Tiani. The cover, The Haunter of the Dark, was by Robert Kline.

Poetry was by L. Sprague de Camp, R. Alain Everts (The Outsider), Meade Frierson, W. Paul Ganley (Eerie Country), Robert E. Howard, Walter Shedlofsky (Inner Circle), and Richard L. Tierney.

Articles were by Robert Bloch, Joseph Payne Brennan (Macabre, Essence), William Crawford, R. Alain Everts, William Scott Home, Fritz Leiber, Harry O. Morris (Nyctalops), Emil Petaja, E. Hoffman Price, Gerry de la Ree (Clark Ashton Smith - Artist), J. Vernon Shea, Stuart Schiff, Richard L. Tierney, James Wade, George Wetzel.

Also included was an interview with Frank Belknap Long, by Stuart Schiff.

Fiction was by Herb Arnold, A.A. Attanasio (Tamlacht), Walter C. DeBill, J. Ramsey Campbell, W. Paul Ganley, William Scott Home, Robert E. Howard, John Jacob, Brian Lumley, Gary Myers, Joseph F. Pumilia, Jerry Saunders, John Sellers, Darrell Schweitzer, Robert C. Sudol, James Wade, Bill Wallace, Manly Wade Wellman, George T. Wetzel, and Colin Wilson.


  • Meade H. Frierson, III. HPL: An Editorial (article)
  • R. Alain Everts. Poeme en Prose (poem)
  • Meade H. Frierson, III. The Teller of Tales (poem)
  • Meade H. Frierson, III. The Seeker — I (poem)
  • Meade H. Frierson, III. The Seeker — II (poem)
  • Robert Bloch. The Lovecraft Mythos (article)
  • Joseph Payne Brennan. A Haunter of the Night (article)
  • Stuart David Schiff, Frank Belknap Long. An Interview with Frank Belknap Long (interview)
  • E. Hoffmann Price. HPL: An Astrological Analysis
  • E. Hoffmann Price. Reminiscences of H. P. L. (article)
  • Fritz Leiber. A Few Short Comments on the Writings of HPL (article)
  • R. Alain Everts. Ira A. Cole and Howard Phillips Lovecraft: A Brief Friendship (article)
  • Ira A. Cole. Atlantis (poem)
  • Colin Wilson. Order of Assassins (excerpts) (story)
  • William L. Crawford. An Early HPL Publisher (article)
  • George T. Wetzel. Biographic Notes on Lovecraft (article)
  • Walter Shedlofsky. Cromlech (story)
  • J. Vernon Shea. HPL and Films (essay)
  • Gerry de la Ree. An Unknown HPL Artist (article)
  • William Scott Home. The Horror Theme after HPL (article)
  • George T. Wetzel. The Cthulhu Mythos: A Study (article)
  • J. Vernon Shea. A Clerihew (poem)
  • Meade H. Frierson, III. Stargazer 1937 & 1972 (poem)
  • Roger Bryant. Stalking the Elusive Necronomicon (article)
  • Stuart David Schiff. Notes on Collecting Lovecraftiana (article)
  • John L. McInnis, III. Notes on Researching Lovecraftiana (article)
  • Richard L. Tierney. To Mount Sinai (poem)
  • Richard L. Tierney. Mountains of Madness (poem)
  • Walter Shedlofsky. Many-Columned Iram (poem)
  • Richard L. Tierney. Cthulhu in Mesoamerica (article)
  • Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge. Pickman's Passing (poem)
  • Bill Wallace. HPL on NIght Gallery: A Review (article)
  • J. Vernon Shea. Lovecraft's Follies: A Review (review)
  • James Wade. Review: Selected Letters: 1929—1931 (review)
  • Richard L. Tierney. The Derleth Mythos (article)
  • James Wade. My Life with the Greatest Old One (article)
  • Don Walsh, Jr.. Gruden Itza: The Evolution of a Sub-Mythos (article)
  • John Jacob. Final Call (poem)
  • Richard Heffern. Crescendoes for the Wind Walker (poem)
  • Joseph F. Pumilia. The Weird Tale of Phillip Love (story)
  • Anonymous Author. Some Unpublished HPL Correspondence (story)
  • Edward S. Lauterbach. The Book of Madness (poem)
  • W. Paul Ganley. The Quarry (poem)
  • Richard L. Tierney. Found in a Storm-Destroyed Lighthouse (poem)
  • Richard L. Tierney. The Book and the Horror (poem)
  • Richard L. Tierney. The Doom Prophet (poem)
  • L. Sprague de Camp. Psyche (poem)
  • Art Folio: Interpretations of Stories by H.P.L.
  • Manly Wade Wellman. The Terrible Parchment (story)
  • Brian Lumley. The Burrowers Beneath (excerpt)
  • Jerry Saunders. Dark Providence (story)
  • W. Paul Ganley. Others Who Are Not Men (story)
  • Gary Myers. The Return of Zhosph (story)
  • John P. Sellers, III. The Drawings on the Desktops (story)
  • Robert C. Sudol. Threshold to Doomcrack (story)
  • John P. Sellers, III. The Temple (poem)
  • James Wade. Planetfall on Yuggoth (story)
  • Walter C. DeBill, Jr. Preditor (story)
  • Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge. They Wake Off Innsmouth (poem)
  • Herb Arnold. Those Beneath the Waves (story)
  • Ramsey Campbell. A Madness from the Vaults (story)
  • Darrell Schweitzer. Legends (story)
  • A. A. Attanasio. The Elder Sign (story)
  • William Scott Home. Dull Scavengers Wax Crafty (story)
  • George T. Wetzel. The Eater of the Dead (story)
  • George T. Wetzel. What the Moon Brings (story)
  • John Jacob. Totem (story)
  • Bill Wallace. Down to the Sea (story)
  • Walter Shedlofsky. The Dreamer's Knell (poem)
  • Robert E. Howard. Who Is Grandpa Theobold? (poem)
  • Glenn Lord. Notes to «Who is Grandpa Theobold?» (article)
  • Emil Petaja. Hannes Bok and HPL (article)
  • Joseph Payne Brennan. Arkham Episode (poem)
  • Anonymous Author. Special Announcements
  • Anonymous Author. Survey of Current Publications in the Field of the Macarbe with Secial
  • Emphasis on H. P. Lovecraft (article)

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