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Nyctalops was a fanzine edited by Harry O. Morris and Edward Paul Berglund published in the 1970s and 1980s.

Nyctalops is devoted to H. P. Lovecraft and his circle, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert Bloch. It is an 8.5 X 11" publication of approximately 100 pages that was published in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in May 1970. Nyctalops was initially published solely by Morris and consisted of literary criticism, but after issue three he asked Edward Berglund to become fiction editor for the zine and commencing with issue four the fanzine included fiction. The two editors worked together for seven more issues, with nineteen issues released in all.

Contributors included Michael A. Aquino, Robert Bloch, Bernadette Bosky, G. Sutton Breiding (Ebon Lute, The Punk-Surrealist Cafe), David J. Brown, Ramsey Campbell, Thomas G. Cockroft, Walter C. DeBill, Jr., Gary Drake, Denise Dumars, Thomas M. Egan, Steve Eng, R. Alain Everts (The Outsider), Kenneth W. Faig, Jr., Donald Sidney-Fryer, Mike Glyer (File 770), Charles Richard Grose, Alan D. Gullette, Gary Harrison, Don Herron, William Scott Home, Richard Huber, John Jacob, S.T. Joshi, John Koblas, George Laking, Joel Lane, James Lawson, Thomas Ligotti, Brian Lumley, Rob Hollis Miller, Dirk W. Mosig (The Miskatonic), Joe Moudry, Will Murray, Dale Nelson, Gerald W. Page (Si-Fan), Jim Pianfetti, Ted Pons, E. Hoffman Price, Robert M. Price (Crypt of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Codex), Graham Pryor, W. Pugmire (Midnight Fantasies, Old Bones, Visions of Khroyd'hon), Glen Rahman, Phyllis Rose, Sam Sackett (Fantastic Worlds), Jessica Amanda Salmonson (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror, Fantasy Macabre), Lewis Sanders, Jacqueline Schafer, David E. Schultz, Darrell Schweitzer, Vernon Shea, Patti Smith, James Taylor, Stephen Verba, Bruce Walker, William Wallace, George Wetzel, Neal Wilgus, and Billy Wolfenbarger.

Also included were reprints of the writing of Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long, and Clark Ashton Smith, among others.

Artists included Herb Arnold, Thomas G.L. Cockroft, Mike Garcia, Mark Gelotte, Brad Foster, Tim Kirk, Jim Pitts, Steve Riley, Denis Tiani, Helmet Wenske, and Walt Simonson. Reprints of the art work of Clark Ashton Smith were also featured in the Clark Ashton Smith memorial issue, #7.

Harry O. Morris also published the apazine Nocturne for the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Issue 1

Nyctalops #1 was published in May 1970. It contained the essay The Strange Lands of Clark Ashton Smith by Harry Morris. The issue had 12 pages. There were 100 copies printed.

Issue 2

Nyctalops #2 was published in October 1970. The issue had 24 pages.


  • Eddy C. Bertin. H.P. Lovecraft Did Not Write SF... By His Own Standards (article) p. 3
  • Robert Weinberg. Robert E. Howard and the Cthulhu Mythos (essay) p. 6
  • Harry Morris. H.P. Lovecraft: A Story Listing (Part 1 of 3) p. 7

Issue 3

Nyctalops #3 was published in February 1971. The issue had 30 pages.


  • Harry Morris. Lovecraft on Tape (article) p. 3
  • Eddy C. Bertin. H.P. Lovecraft: The Critics (article) p. 4
  • Edward P. Berglund. Further Addenda to H.P.L. Story Listing p. 8
  • Harry Morris. H.P. Lovecraft: A Story Listing (Part 2 of 3) p. 9
  • A Listing of Some Lovecraft Manuscripts p. 13
  • Eddy C. Bertin. The Walkers (poem) p. 14

Issue 4

Nyctalops #4 was published in June 1971. The issue had 44 pages.


  • Eddy C. Bertin. The Cthulhu Mythos: A Review and Analysis p. 3
  • Walter C. DeBill, Jr.. R'lyeh (poem) p. 7
  • Kenneth Scher. You Can't Tell the Players Without a Program (essay) p. 8
  • Edward P. Berglund. Addenda to H.P.L. Story Listing p. 21
  • Harry Morris. H.P. Lovecraft: A Story Listing (Part 3 of 3) p. 25
  • James H. Lawson, IV. Perhaps the Elder Gods (story) p. 28

Issue 5

Nyctalops #5 was published in October 1971. It had 62 pages.


  • Robert Weinberg. H.P. Lovecraft and Psuedomathematics (essay) p. 3
  • Eddy C. Bertin. The Followers of Cthulhu (article) p. 5
  • Edward P. Berglund. Addenda to H.P.L. Story Listing III p. 13
  • Eddy C. Bertin. Something's Eating My Brain (poem) p. 17
  • George Laking. The Well (poem) p. 18
  • Dave Szurek. The Frog at Midnight (poem) p. 19
  • Steve Eng. The Elder Fear (poem) p. 19
  • Richard L. Tierney. The Garret-Room (poem) p. 19
  • Daniel K. Shenandoah. What Scared Professor Peaslee? (article) p. 20
  • John Jacob. And When Blood Touches Blood... (story) p. 22
  • Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.. The Lovecraft Fiction Manuscripts: A Listing (Part 1 of 2) p. 28
  • Edward P. Berglund. Foreign Publication of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (article) p. 42

Issue 6

Nyctalops #6 was published in February 1972. It had 48 pages.


  • Marion Zimmer Bradley. The (Bastard) Children of Hastur (article) p. 3
  • Dave Szurek. Night Oath (poem) p. 6
  • George Laking. Fomalhaut Is Rising (poem) p. 7
  • Alan Gullette. The Colour Out of Cygnus (essay) p. 8
  • Glenn Lord. The Sign of the Dragon-Fly (essay) p. 10
  • Gary Harrison. Summons from R'Lyeh (poem) p. 11
  • Darrell Schweitzer. Lovecraft on Television (article) p. 12
  • Richard L. Tierney. Evil Dreams: Sonnets of the Outer Dark (poem) p. 23
  • Walter C. DeBill, Jr.. Homecoming (story) p. 30
  • Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.. The Lovecraft Fiction Manuscripts: A Listing (Part 2 of 2) p. 35

Issue 7

Nyctalops #7 was published in August 1972. This issue was focused on Clark Ashton Smith and featured, besides the works written for the zine, some reprints of his stories and art. It had 100 pages.


  • Clark Ashton Smith. Nyctalops (poem) p. 4
  • Marvin R. Hiemstra. Five Approaches to the Achievement of Clark Ashton Smith, Cosmic Master Artist (essay) p. 6
  • Mike Glyer. Through Space and Time with CAS (essay) p. 13
  • Roger Bryant. The Return of the Sorcerer (article) p. 18
  • Charles S. Wolfe. CAS: A Note on the Aesthetics of Fantasy (essay) p. 20
  • Sam Sackett. The Last Romantic (essay) p. 23
  • Roger Bryant. The Fading Red Sun of Zothique (article) p. 26
  • Alan Gullette. The Artist: An Adulation (poem) p. 27
  • E. Hoffmann Price. Clark Ashton Smith Natal Horoscope p. 28
  • Dennis Rickard. Drugs and Clark Ashton Smith (article) p. 31
  • Richard L. Tierney. «The True Protest Is Beauty» (essay) p. 33
  • Charles Richard Grose. Eroes and the Ghoul: Necrophilia in the Prose and Poetry of Clark * Ashton Smith (essay) p. 34
  • Richard L. Tierney. Fulfillment (poem) p. 36
  • Darrell Schweitzer. In Zstharan (poem) p. 37
  • Gary Drake. Exordium (poem) p. 38
  • Gary Drake. Sunset in Atlantis (poem) p. 38
  • Gary Drake. Skulls of Purple (poem) p. 40
  • Gary Drake. The Caravan of Seven Camels (poem) p. 42
  • Gary Drake. The Elephant of Onyx (poem) p. 42
  • Gary Drake. The Throne of Cthulhu (poem) p. 44
  • Walter C. DeBill, Jr.. The Oldest Dreamer (poem) p. 47
  • Charles Richard Grose. Tsathoggua (poem) p. 51
  • Tom G. L. Cockcroft. Some Bibliographic Notes on CAS (article) p. 60
  • Stuart David Schiff. In Search of a Smith Library (essay) p. 68
  • George F. Haas. Memories of Klarkash-Ton (essay) p. 70
  • Robert Bloch. A Visitor from Averoigne (essay) p. 75
  • Frank Belknap Long. The Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith (article) p. 76
  • Rah Hoffman. The Arcana of Arkham-Auburn (article) p. 77
  • Clark Ashton Smith. Excerpts from The Black Book p. 82
  • Clark Ashton Smith. The Mime of Sleep (poem) p. 83
  • Clark Ashton Smith. Amor (poem) p. 84
  • Clark Ashton Smith. To the Daemon (prose poem) p. 85
  • Clark Ashton Smith. The Forbidden Forest (prose poem) p. 85
  • Clark Ashton Smith. The Mithridate (prose poem) p. 85
  • Richard L. Tierney. Richard L. Tierney: His Book (article) p. 86
  • Charles Richard Grose. The Seventh Wine of Xalamundo (story) p. 89
  • Alan Gullette. The City of Outcasts (story) p. 91
  • Stanley Wiater. Three Prose Poems (for K.A.M.H.)
  • Stanley Wiater. Harunonn's Madness (prose poem) p. 93
  • Stanley Wiater. The Ill-Fated Lovers (prose poem) p. 93
  • Stanley Wiater. Confession to Ccathaii (prose poem) p. 93
  • Robert Weinberg. The Conquest of Yondo (story) p. 94
  • Letter to Clark Ashton Smith postmarked July 22, 1933 by Robert E. Howard p. 96
  • Notes on Our Contributors p. 97
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. To Clark Ashton Smith (poem) p. 99

Issue 8

Nyctalops #8 was published in April 1973. It had 68 pages.


  • Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Early Years (Part 1 of 3) (article) p. 3
  • Graham Pryor. H.P. Lovecraft and the Science of Poe (essay) p. 16
  • Brian Lumley. Pesh-Tlen (poem) p. 17
  • Lewis Sanders. Night Dancers (poem) p. 17
  • George T. Wetzel. A Lovecraft Profile (essay) p. 18
  • Tom G. L. Cockcroft. Random Notes (article) p. 20
  • Tom G. L. Cockcroft. Articles About H.P. Lovecraft in Amateur Journals (article) p. 20
  • Darrell Schweitzer. 'Hastur Is a Place'!! (article) p. 22
  • R. Alain Everts, Phillips Gamwell. The Death of a Gentleman: The Last Days of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (article) p. 24
  • Eddy C. Bertin. Waiting in the Dark (poem) p. 25
  • Richard L. Tierney. The Evil House (poem) p. 33
  • Helmut Wenske: A Portfolio of Recent Works with Notes p. 34
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. A Report from Clark Ashton Smith Country (article) p. 38
  • L. Sprague de Camp. The Ghost of H.P.L. (poem) p. 39
  • James Taylor. Arthur Machen: Forgotten Master of Fantasy (essay) p. 40
  • Bruce Walker. The Witchery of Robert Bloch (essay) p. 43
  • R. Alain Everts. Mrs. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (article) p. 45
  • David J. Brown. The Search for Lovecraft's «Outsider» (essay) p. 46
  • T. E. D. Klein. The Paintings of Hieronymous Bosch (poem) p. 48
  • T. E. D. Klein. The Father of the Witch (poem) p. 48
  • Alan Gullette. The Horror from Yith, Part I: The Shadow from Yith (story) p. 49
  • R. Alain Everts. Le Voyageur (poem)

Issue 9

Nyctalops #9 was published in July 1974. It had 52 pages.


  • Dirk W. Mosig. The Four Faces of the Outsider (article) p. 4
  • John J. Koblas. In Search of Yig (essay) p. 11
  • Walter C. DeBill, Jr.. The Horror from Yith (story) p. 13
  • R. Alain Everts. Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Sex (essay) p. 19
  • Portfolio II by Helmut Wenske p. 20
  • Artfolio by Mike Garcia p. 28
  • R. Alain Everts. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Photographs (essay) p. 32
  • Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Early Years (Part 2 of 3) (article) p. 34
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. Rain Magic (poem) p. 49
  • G. Sutton Breiding. The White Peacocks (poem) p. 49
  • Darrell Schweitzer. Changeling (poem) p. 49
  • Richard L. Tierney. Homesickness (poem) p. 49

Issue 10

Nyctalops #10 was published in February 1975. It had 54 pages.


  • Robert Weinberg. Lovecraft in Astounding Stories (article) p. 3
  • Mike Garcia Portfolio p. 6
  • Rob Hollis Miller. Lovecraft and Satanism (essay) p. 9
  • Richard Mills. Caverns of the Soul (essay) p. 12
  • Steve Eng. Machen and Me (essay) p. 15
  • Scott Connors. The Riddle of The Black Seal (article) p. 16
  • Darrell Schweitzer. Character Gullibility in Weird Fiction, or Isn't Yuggoth Somewhere in Upstate New York (essay) p. 19
  • George T. Wetzel. Genesis of the Cthulhu Mythos (essay) p. 21
  • Roger Bryant. The Alchemist and the Scientist (essay) p. 26
  • John J. Koblas. A Search for Rick's Lake (essay) p. 30
  • Ted Pons. Beneath the Dunes (story) p. 32
  • G. Sutton Breiding. (untitled poem) (poem) p. 36
  • Richard L. Tierney. A Vision on a Mid-Summer Night (poem) p. 37
  • G. Sutton Breiding. Love Song (poem) p. 37
  • David E. Schultz. Cthulhu (poem) p. 37
  • Joseph Payne Brennan. Epitaph for Earth (poem) p. 37
  • L. Sprague de Camp. Fiction (poem) p. 37
  • Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Early Years (Part 3 of 3) (article) p. 46
  • Tom G. L. Cockcroft. Index to the Not at Night Series p. 54
  • Neal Wilgus. Incantation (стихотворение) p. 54

Issue 11/12

Nyctalops #11/12 was published in April 1976. It had 126 pages.


  • Frank Belknap Long, Darrell Schweitzer. An Interview with Frank Belknap Long (interview) p. 5
  • E. Hoffmann Price. A Letter in Regards Lovecraft p. 9
  • J. Vernon Shea. The Circle Manqué (poem) p. 14
  • George T. Wetzel. The Dream-Gate and Other Matters (essay) p. 15
  • Jessica Amanda Salmonson. Suzanne (poem) p. 16
  • Clay Shawb. non-life (poem) p. 16
  • Joe Moudray. Three Approaches to «The Fall of the House of Usher» (essay) p. 19
  • Gary Warne. Five Faces of Fear (essay) p. 21
  • R. Boerem. A Lovecraftian Nightmare (essay) p. 22
  • William A. Conder. This Man from Providence (poem) p. 24
  • Jim Pianfetti. A Spinner of Tales (poem) p. 24
  • James Wade. Revisionist Sonnet (poem) p. 28
  • Dale Nelson. In Carcosa (poem) p. 32
  • Leon W. Malinofsky. Lyric (poem) p. 32
  • Meade H. Frierson, III. Submission of the Worms (poem) p. 32
  • William Scott Home. Eine Kleine Machen-Musik (article) p. 33
  • Clark Ashton Smith. O Golden-Tongued Romance (poem) p. 49
  • Allene Phy. Master Donald Sidney-Fryer and Baudelaire (essay) p. 50
  • John C. Moran. Observations Upon... (article) p. 56
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. Biography of Donald Sidney-Fryer (article) p. 57
  • Frederick J. Mayer. An Interview with D.S.F. (interview) p. 58
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. The Minor Chronicles of Atlantis (story) p. 60
  • Don Herron. A Key to «The Little Booke» (essay) p. 64
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. The Atlantis Fragments: Some Textual Corrections p. 66
  • Charles S. Wolfe. Romantic Synergy (essay) p. 67
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. Cosmic Troubadours (article) p. 70
  • Dennis Rickard. The Matter of Atlantis (article) p. 73
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. The Spenser Experiment (статья) p. 74
  • Michael J. Fantina. Upon Reading Songs & Sonnets Atlantean (poem) p. 80
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. A Defense and Illustration of One Poetic Method (essay) p. 81
  • G. Sutton Breiding. San Francisco (poem) p. 88
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. Arthur Machen and King Arthur: Sovereigns of Dream (article) p. 89
  • G. Sutton Breiding. The Dancer from Atlantis (poem) p. 122

Issue 13

Nyctalops #13 was published in May 1977. It contained interviews, fiction, poetry and articles by, among others, Brian Lumley, T.E.D. Kline, John Taylor Gatto, Patti Smith, William Scott Home and art by Bukku Be Zaro, Leslie Hall, Bill McCabe, Johann Peterka. It had 50 pages.


  • John Taylor Gatto. Lovecraft and the Grotesque Tradition (essay) p. 6
  • Michael A. Aquino. Lovecraftian Ritual (essay) p. 13
  • Barton Levi St. Armand. The Source for Lovecraft's Knowledge of Borellus (essay) p. 16
  • Keith Allen Daniels. The Edifice (poem) p. 17
  • T. E. D. Klein. Ramsey Campbell: An Appreciation (article) p. 19
  • G. Sutton Breiding. Halloween Arcane (poem) p. 26
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. Overtaken (poem) p. 26
  • Patti Smith. Who Am I (poem) p. 26
  • ASFS. An Exquisite Corpse SF Story (short story) p. 27
  • Brian Lumley. Nyctalops (poem) p. 28
  • Neal Wilgus. Synchronicity (poem) p. 28
  • Alan Gullette, Bil McCabe, Harry Morris, Jill Morris. Exquisite Corpse Poem (poem) p. 28
  • William Scott Home. What's in the Nom? (article) p. 34
  • Michael Barrett, David Sutton. Latter Day Lovecraftian (essay) p. 38
  • Bil McCabe. My Stomach Writes... (poem) p. 45
  • Bil McCabe Portfolio p. 46

Issue 14

Nyctalops #14 was published in March 1978. It had 54 pages.


  • Harry O. Morris. Arcanum p. 2
  • Dirk W. Mosig. Innsmouth and the Lovecraft Oeuvre: A Holistic Approach (article) p. 3
  • Eddy C. Bertin. Through Europe's Hall of Literary Terror (article) p. 6
  • Richard G. Huber, Jr. Nodens and the Elder Gods (essay) p. 11
  • Neal Wilgus. The Pharmaceutical Alchemist (article) p. 12
  • Edgar Allan Poe and Richard L. Tierney. The Light House (story) p. 14
  • Brian Lumley. Tindalos (poem) p. 17
  • Leon W. Malinofsky. Moonlight (poem) p. 17
  • Rob Hollis Miller. «I recognized in the curved slope...» (poem) p. 17
  • G. Sutton Breiding. «Through the glass doors into the smokey yellow...» (poem) p. 17
  • Neal Wilgus. Serality (poem) p. 17
  • Frederick J. Mayer. Cat's Eye Marbles (poem) p. 17
  • Kim L. Neidigh. Graveyard Abomination (poem) p. 17
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. Lines for Lovecraft (poem) p. 18
  • Jim Pianfetti. On the Tumbling Sea (poem) p. 21
  • Glenn Rahman. The Sun of God (story) p. 22
  • Philip M. Rubens. The Gothic Foundations of Ambrose Bierce's Fiction (essay) p. 28
  • Harry Morris. Review of the movie «Suspiria» (review) p. 32
  • Darrell Schweitzer. Review of the LP record «The King of Elfland's Daughter» (review) p. 32
  • Don Herron. Rime Isle by Fritz Leiber (review) p. 34
  • Don Herron. Darkness Weaves by Karl Edward Wagner (review) p. 34
  • Marc Laidlaw. The Shining by Stephen King (review) p. 34
  • Marc Laidlaw. And Afterward, the Dark by Basil Copper (review) p. 34
  • Marc Laidlaw. Kecksies and Other Twilight Tales by Marjorie Bowen (review) p. 35
  • Harry Morris. A Winter Wish and Other Poems by H. P. Lovecraft (review) p. 35
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. Echoes from the Vaults of Yoh-Vombis: A Compendium of the Life of George * F. Haas (рецензия)
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. Literary Swordsmen and Sorcerers by L. Sprague de Camp (review) p. 36
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. In Mayan Splendor by Frank Belknap Long (review) p. 38
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. Review of the poem collection «Seasoned Timber» by Celeste Turner Wright (review) p. 38
  • Donald Sidney-Fryer. The Dream of X by William Hope Hodgson (review) p. 39
  • Bill Breiding. The Golden Key (poem) p. 39
  • L. Sprague de Camp. Sesquithoughts on Lovecraft (article) p. 40
  • S. T. Joshi. Who Wrote «The Mound»? (essay) p. 41
  • George T. Wetzel. Glamis Castle and Sandoz’ “The Maze” (essay) p. 43
  • Peter Cannon. «You have been in Providence, I perceive.» (article) p. 45
  • Letter by Barton Levi St. Armand p. 47
  • Letter by Frank Belknap Long p. 47
  • Letter by E. Hoffmann Price p. 47
  • Letter by Bill Wallace p. 48
  • Letter by Ramsey Campbell p. 48
  • Letter by John Rieber p. 48
  • Letter by Ben P. Indick p. 49
  • Letter by Scott Connors p. 49
  • Letter by Robert Bloch p. 50
  • Letter by John Rieber p. 50
  • Letter by Harry Warner, Jr. p. 50
  • Letter by Frank Belknap Long p. 50
  • Letter by L. Sprague de Camp p. 51
  • Letter by Scott Connors p. 51

Issue 15

Nyctalops #15 was published in January 1980. It had 44 pages.


  • G. Sutton Breiding. Babylonian Suite (poem) p. 7
  • Denise D. Dumars. Paragraph Poem No.2 (poem) p. 7
  • April Selley. Terror and Horror in the Case of Charles Dexter Ward (essay) p. 8
  • G. Sutton Breiding, Harry Morris. December Childhood (poem) p. 14
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. The White Faces (poem) p. 14
  • Andrew Darlington. Mythology (poem) p. 15
  • Andrew Darlington. Mythology 2 (poem) p. 15
  • Lee Weinstein. The First Literary Copernicus (essay) p. 17
  • Tani Jantsang. Visit to Innsmouth (story) p. 26
  • Mark McLaughlin. Witch-House (poem) p. 31
  • Donald R. Broyles. «I remember the hills...» (poem) p. 31
  • C. J. Henning. Ticking Watches (poem) p. 31
  • Jean Cocteau. Blood of a Poet (screenplay) p. 32
  • Lafcadio Hearn. The Ghostly Kiss (story) p. 35
  • Jim Pianfetti. In the Woods (poem) p. 37
  • Thomas M. Egan. The Lake of Dreams (poem) p. 37
  • Steve Eng. Kingsport Christmas (poem) p. 37
  • Brian Lumley. Maggot (poem) p. 37
  • Neal Wilgus. Balloon to the Center of the Earth (poem) p. 38
  • Bernadette Lynn Bosky. Eyewitness Accounts, Dunwich 1928 (poem) p. 41

Issue 16

Nyctalops #16 was published in March 1981. It had 52 pages.

This issue was dedicated to the Surrealist artist and writer Leonora Carrington.


  • Robert E. Pierson. High House, Shunned House, and a Silver Key (article) p. 5
  • Rob Hollis Miller. Magic (poem) p. 9
  • W. Paul Cook, R. Alain Everts. The Man Who Was (essay) p. 10
  • Peter H. Cannon. Lovecraft's Old Men (essay) p. 13
  • Darrell Schweitzer. Lord Dunsany: The Plays (article) p. 21
  • J. J. Miller. Rare Words (poem) p. 29
  • Ben P. Indick. Sardonic Fantasistes: Saki (essay) p. 30
  • Thomas Ligotti. The Chymist (story) p. 34
  • Neal Wilgus. Screams in the Witch-House (poem) p. 39
  • Anthony F. Smith. The Ritual (poem) p. 39
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. Horror Kaiku (poem) p. 39
  • Denise D. Dumars. The Ark Ham (poem) p. 39
  • Thomas M. Egan. Lemuria (poem) p. 39
  • Stephen Verba. Night Surgeon (poem) p. 40
  • G. Sutton Breiding, Harry Morris. Soft Darling (poem) p. 42
  • G. Sutton Breiding, Harry Morris. Lampshade Wounds (poem) p. 42
  • G. Sutton Breiding, Harry Morris. Dejected Prayer (poem) p. 42
  • Christine Pasanen Morris. (4 collage poems) (poem) p. 44
  • Abe Surd. Dinner in Red (story) p. 45
  • Ramsey Campbell. Among the Pictures Are These (story) p. 46

Issue 17

Nyctalops #17 was published in June 1982. It had 64 pages.


  • Robert M. Price. The Old Ones' Promise of Eternal Life (article) p. 4
  • Thomas M. Egan. The Midnight Land (poem) p. 11
  • Kenneth Scher. A Neo-Writer's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos: Part 1 p. 12
  • Steve Eng. Heard! Heard! Heard! (poem) p. 24
  • Darrell Schweitzer. H.P. Lovecraft and Tibetan Corpse Wrestling (article) p. 25
  • Ben P. Indick. Sardonic Fantasistes: John Collier (essay) p. 28
  • Clarence John Laughlin. The Garden of Time (story) p. 32
  • Clarence John Laughlin. Valsin (story) p. 35
  • G. Sutton Breiding. Post Card I (poem) p. 39
  • Denise D. Dumars, Marshall Watts. Pirating Each Glance (poem) p. 39
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. Even Now (poem) p. 39
  • Anthony F. Smith. The Problem in Three Parts or, Bobby W___ Age 15, Death by Drowning (poem) p. 40
  • Brian Lumley. Survivors (poem) p. 41
  • Neal Wilgus. A Chain Gang on Yuggoth (poem) p. 41
  • Keith Allen Daniels. Futility (poem) p. 41
  • Andrew Darlington. Homage to Catatonia (poem) p. 41
  • William Wallace. A Book of Verse (story) p. 42
  • Thomas Ligotti. Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes (story) p. 52

Issue 18

Nyctalops #18 was published in April 1983. It had 68 pages.


  • Harry Morris. Editorial (Horrorglyphs) (article) p. 2
  • Laurence C. Bush. Surrealism and Modern Horror Literature (essay) p. 5
  • S. T. Joshi. On «The Book» (article) p. 9
  • Richard L. Tierney. The Man in the Evil Garret (poem) p. 14
  • John Buettner. Dagon Calls (poem) p. 16
  • Brian Lumley. Kadath (poem) p. 16
  • Neal Wilgus. That's Life (poem) p. 16
  • Herbert Jerry Baker. Curse of Ler-Ku Nasthur (poem) p. 16
  • Billy Wolfenbarger. Fresh Approach (poem) p. 17
  • G. Sutton Breiding. untitled («I am the favored prince...») (poem) p. 17
  • Deborah Valentine. untitled («A dirge playing with my tendrils kept me suspended...») (poem) p. 17
  • Brian S. Wilson. To Patti Smith (poem) p. 17
  • Clarence John Laughlin. Cathedral of Evil (story) p. 19
  • Steve Eng. Collected Poems by Richard L. Tierney (review) p. 37
  • Thomas Ligotti. Eye of the Lynx (story) p. 43
  • William Scott Home. Succuba (poem) p. 48
  • Tom G. L. Cockcroft. The Weird Tales Club p. 49
  • Gary William Crawford. Love and Death in the Tales of Robert Aickman (essay) p. 51
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Issue 19

Nyctalops #19 was published in April 1991. It had 96 pages.


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