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Ruth Berman

Ruth Berman is a zine editor and writer, covering several genres.

Ruth Berman was a founding member of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, and has been involved with such groups as with the International Wizard of Oz Club, the Mythopoeic Society, the Tolkien Society of America, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and The Fantasy Association, among others.

Ruth Berman wrote articles, essays, fiction, and poetry on subjects as diverse as Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Twin Cities history, The Wizard of Oz, J.R.R. Tolkien, children's literature, filking, World War II history, fantasy and science fiction. She won several awards for her poetry, including the 2003 Rhysling Award for Short Poem.

Her first fanzine, All Mimsy, was co-published with Eleanor Arnason and Ron Whyte in the 1950s. She then published 23 issues of the genzine NeoLithic, as well as Pantapon for FAPA, Dinky Bird for SAPS, Roquet for APA-L, and Pooka for the Children's Fantasy APA. In 1967, she began Nous, with her sister Jean Berman. When Jean decided to leave publishing, Ruth renamed the fanzine No, since it was now "half of us".

In the late 1960s, she became interested in the television series Star Trek, and in 1968 published one of the first fanzines devoted to the show, Inside Star Trek, which was the official newsletter, as well as one of the few fanzines published while the show was originally broadcast. After 12 issues she gave up editorship and began a new title devoted to Star Trek, called T-Negative. Also in the late 1960s she began the fanzine SH - sf Fanthology, a collection devoted to Sherlock Holmes.

Since then, she has served as Poetry Editor for both Mythlore and Pandora.




  • Autumn World (with Joan Marie Verba, Tess Meara, Deborah K. Jones, and Margaret Howes)
  • Bradamant's Quest
  • Dear Poppa: The World War II Berman Family Letters

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