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Issue 13 March 1969
Cover art by Kathy Bushman

Plak-Tow was a media science fiction fanzine edited and published by Shirley Meech.

Plak-Tow began publishing in December 13, 1967 from Newark, Delaware, U.S.A., as a newsletter devoted to the television series Star Trek. The last issue was #14, published June 9, 1969.

Contributing artists included Alicia Austin (Kevas and Trillium), Sherna Burley (Spockanalia), S. Bush, Kathy Bushman, Mary Ann Cappa, Margaret Dominick (DEA), Perri Gorrick, Daphne Hamilton, Terri Harris, Dale Kagan, Carol Lee, Connie Reich Faddis (Interphase), and Terry Romine.

Contributions of articles included "Mid-Spring Night's Dream, or, Journey to Backstage" by Ruth Berman (Inside Star Trek, T-Negative) and Dorothy Jones Heydt, which was later reprinted in Despatch.