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Issue 2 April 1968
Cover by Kathy Bushman

Spockanalia is a media science fiction fanzine published by Devra Michele Langsam and Sherna Comerford Burley.

Spockanalia is the first fanzine published that was devoted to the television series Star Trek, published while the show was first being broadcast. It was originally intended to be a one shot, but the editors ended up continuing the run since they received so many contributions.

The first issue appeared in September 1967, and was 90 pages. It was dedicated to actor Leonard Nimoy who played the character of Mr. Spock on the show. Included in this issue was a letter from Leonard Nimoy. Contributors of writing include Kay Anderson (ST-Phile), Ruth Berman (Despatch, Inside Star Trek, T-Negative), Juanita Coulson (Yandro), Sandy Deckinger, Dorothy Jones, Shirley Meech (Plak-Tow), and the editors. Poetry was by Dorothy Jones. Art work was by Kathy Bushman, Sherna Comerford, Juanita Coulson, Margaret Dominick (DEA), Dick Flood, and Devra Michele Langsam. The front cover was by Kathy Bushman.

Issue 2 was released in April 1968, and contained writing by Poul Anderson, Ruth Berman, Kathryn Bushman, Margaret Dominick, Susan Hereford, Willard F. Hunt, Dorothy Jones, Deborah Langsam, Mirian Langsam, Jean Lorrah (Pandora), John Mansfield, Lois McMaster, Shirley Meech, Sandra Miesel, V.A.H. Nietz, E.A. Oddstad (Eleanor Arnason, co-editor of All Mimsy), Robert Toomey (Science Fiction Five Yearly), Lyn Veryzer, and Joyce Yasner (Eel-Bird Banders' Bulletin). Art work was by Allen Asherman, Janie Bowers, Kathy Bushman, Rose Comerford, Sherna Comerford, Juanita Couslon, Margaret Dominick (DEA), Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Susan Hereford, Dale A. Kagan, Devra Michele Langsam, Chester Malon, Shirley Meech, Chuck Rein, Walt Strasser, Mike Symes, and Joyce Yasner. Included was a cartoon by Dale Kagan. The cover by by Kathy Bushman, and back cover by Margaret Dominick. Letters came from Gene Roddenberry, James Doohan, D.C. Fontana, DeForest Kelley, Walter Koenig, and Leonard Nimoy.

Issue 3, published September 1968, contained writing by Allan Asherman, John Boardman, Sherna C. Burley, Tom Bulmer, Lee Burwasser, Juanita Coulson, Laura Harris, Terri Harris, Willard F. Hunt, Dorothy Jones, Deborah Langsam, Devra Langsam, Sue H. Lewis, Jean Lorrah, John Mansfield, Jane Peyton, Marian Turner, and Joyce Yasner. Art work was by Allan Asherman, Alicia Austin (Kevas and Trillium), Vaughan Bode, Janie Bowers, Sherna C. Burley, Kathy Bushman, Mary Ann Cappa, Margaret Dominick, Sara Fenstere, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Debbie Langsam, Devra Michele Langsam, Carol Lee, Sue H. Lewis, John Mansfield, Beth Moore, Jane Peyton, and Terry Romine. The cover was by Allan Asherman, and the back cover by Margaret Dominick. Letters came from Gene Roddenberry.

Issue 4 came out in April 1969 and contained the first fan fiction relationship story by Lelamarie Kreidler. Also included was writing by John Boardman, Sherna Burley, Ed Chamberlain, Randy Cowen, Rusty Hancock, Carle Johnson, Susan Kotar, Deborah Langsam, Devra Langsam, Suzanne Laycheck, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, John Mansfield, Jane Peyton, and Robin Shuster. Poetry was by Andra Robbins. Art work was by Alicia Austin, Vaughan Bode, Kathy Bushman, Mary Ann Cappa, Johnny Chambers, Margaret Dominick, Connie Faddis (Interphase), Dorothy Fenstere, Sara Fensterer, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Sue Johnston, Doug Lovenstein, Rosalind Oberdieck, Jane Peyton, B. Schlemmer, Mike Symes, and Joyce Yasner. The cover was by Alicia Austin and back cover by Kathy Bushman.

Issue 5, the last issue, appeared in June 1970, and was 105 pages. Writing came from Ruth Berman, Sherna Burley, Lee Burwasser, Cliveden M. Chew, Juanita Coulson, Nancy Giudice, Dorothy Jones, John Mansfield, Shirley Meech, Sandra Miesel, Rosalind Oberdieck, Jane Peyton, Narda Roushdi, Ev Turner, and Ann Wilson. Poetry was by Alicia Austen. The art work was by Allan Asherman, Alicia Austin, Mary Ann Cappa, Tim Courtney, Margaret Dominick, Sara Fensterer, Alexis Gilliland, Dan Hatch, Sue Johnston, Devra Michele Langsam, Doug Lovenstein, Claire Mason, Rosalind Oberdieck, Dennis Pelton, Jane Peyton, Reg, Connie Faddis, B. Schlemmer, Mike Symes, Ev Turner, and Joyce Yasner. The cover was by Ev Turner, and back cover by Tim Courtney.