Raucous Caucus

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Raucous Caucus
Issue 2 June 2013
Cover art by Bruce Townley

Raucous Caucus is a science fiction fanzine by Pat Charnock.

The first issue of Raucous Caucus appeared in December 2012. The cover is by Harry Bell (Grimwab), and interior artwork and comic are by Dan Steffan (BLAT!). Contributions of writing are by Roy Kettle (True Rat), Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Mike Meara (Knockers From Neptune), and the editor.

Issue 2 was released in June 2013. The cover is by Bruce Townley (Oblong). Cartoon is by D West (Daisnaid). Writing came from Claire Brialey (Banana Wings), Rich Coad (Space Junk), Jerry Cornelius, Mark Plummer (Banana Wings), and the editor. Letters came from Lenny Bailes (Whistlestar), Doug Bell (Head), John D. Berry (Egoboo, Wing Window), Bill Burns, Jack Calvert, Graham Charnock (Bye Bye Johnny), Alan Dorey (Vector, Gross Encounters), John Nielson Hall (Motorway Dreamer), Jerry Kaufman (Littlebrook), Dave Langford (Ansible), Jim Linwood (Typo), Marion Linwood, Gary Mattingly (Skug), Ian Maule (Maya, Checkpoint, Paranoid), Murray Moore (Aztec Blue), Joseph Nicholas (Vector, Fuck The Tories), and Paul Skelton (Small Friendly Dog).

Issue 3 was published in January 2014. The cover is by Dan Steffan. Interior art work is by Jim Barker, Harry Bell, Grant Canfield, Brad Foster, Dan Steffan, and Steve Stiles. Writing is contributed by John D. Berry, Claire Brialey, Dougal Charnock, Liz Phillips, and Dan Steffan. Letters came from Randy Byers (Chunga), William Breiding (Star Fire), Stuart Brenton, Jerry Kaufman, Jay Kinney (Nope!), Hope Leibowitz, Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Marion Linwood, Mike Meara, Murray Moore (Aztec Blue), Joseph Nicholas, and Taral Wayne (Toronto the Ghood).

Pat Charnock had previously published 8 issues of Wrinkled Shrew from1974 till 1979.