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Issue 1 October 1995
Cover art by Bruce Townley

Oblong is a personal journal fanzine by Bruce Townley.

Oblong was published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. beginning in the mid 1990s; issue 1 appeared October 1995, #2 in January 1996, #3 in April 1996, #4 in November 1996, #5 in February 1997, #6 in June 1997 and #7 in February 1998.

It featured strange, absurd, and sometimes humorous articles, and reviews of weird books and movies. There were articles that mentioned the Winchester Mystery House, Big Daddy Roth graphic software, and Film Noir. There were also fanzine reviews and a letter column. The cover of issue #5, featuring the actor Jack Nance as he appeared in the film Eraserhead, was by editor Bruce Townley.

Featured writers included William Breiding (Star Fire), Andy Hooper (Apparatchik), A.C. Kolthoff, and Candi Strecker (Sidney Suppey's Quarterly & Confused Pet Monthly). Al Hoff (Thrift Score) had an article entitled "Pittsburgh: Don't Park Where You See a Chair".

Artwork included pieces by Jay Kinney (Nope!), Lynn Kuehl, and Anthony Stagg.

Letters came from Jeanne Bowman, Bud Correll, Russ Forster (8-Track Mind), Moana Haggard, Jeff Heyman, Mark Jenkins (HYPErion), Michael Jordan, Jerry Kaufman (Mainstream), Brant Kresovich, Althea Loglia, Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Serena E. Makofsky, Gary Mattingly (Skug), Ken Miller, Spike Parsons, Lynn Peril (Mystery Date), Patty Peters, Dan Reed, Rudi Rubberoid, Vern Stoltz, Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), Lisa Wilcox, and Kelli Williams (20 Bus).

Bruce Townley previously published the fanzines Le Viol and Phiz in the 1970s.

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