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Egoboo was a science fiction fanzine by John D. Berry and Ted White.

Egoboo was first published in Bronxville, New York, U.S.A. in the 1960s and ran until August 1972, when issue 16 was released. The never published issue #17 appeared as a supplement in Ted White and Dan Steffan's BLAT! #3, published in Spring 1994.

Contributors included Calvin Demmon, Bill Rotsler, and Bob Shaw.

In his fanzine Vegas Fandom Weekly #109, from 2008, Arnie Katz, in his article "Numbered Fandoms: A Theory of Core Fandom Fanhistory", remembers Egoboo as a fanzine from Ninth Fandom; "Just when Focal Point started to falter and let its schedule slip, Ted White and John D. Berry brought forth Egoboo. The slim genzine hit its stride quickly and served as the main rallying point for Ninth Fandom...Egoboo also picked up the responsibility for the annual fan poll, which Focal Point had done during its heyday". Previously, in his article "What Are The Greatest Fanzines", from Vegas Fandom Weekly #99, Katz had written, "Ted White & John D. Berry edited this fairly frequent and relatively small fanzine and wrote outstanding columns. The outside contributors were used sparingly but effectively". Again from Numbered Fandons, Katz says, "The trend toward ensmalled genzines that began with Focal Point and continued with such titles as Greg Shaw's Metanoia culminated in White and Berry's brilliant title."

Ted White had previously been one of the co-editors of Void and Stellar in the 1950s, and in the 1990s co-published BLAT! with Dan Steffan.

John D. Berry went on to publish Wing Window in the 1980s.