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Issue 22
Cover art by William Rotsler

Psychotic was a science fiction fanzine by Richard E. Geis.

Psychotic was first published in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. in 1953; after 20 issues it was retitled Science Fiction Review for three issues in 1955; then Geis stopped publishing. He resumed the fanzine with Psychotic #21 in 1967 from Venice, California, and then again changed the title to Science Fiction Review from #28.

Contributors of cover art work included Ron Cobb, Richard E. Geis and William Rotsler.

Interior illustrations were contributed by Richard Bergeron (Warhoon), John D. Berry (Egoboo), Vaughn Bode, Jim Bradley (Destiny), Bob Kellogg, and Ray Nelson, among others.

Regular columnists included Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin), Vernon McCain (Wastebasket), and Ted White (Null-F).

Articles were contributed by John D. Berry, Norman Browne (Vanations), Terry Carr (Innuendo, Klein Bottle, Lighthouse), Earl Evers, Dean Grennell (Grue), Earl Kemp (Destiny), Joel Nydahl (Vega), Bill Reynolds, Norman Spinrad, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), and others.

Contributions of fiction included "The Glob" by Ron Smith (Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser) and Hubert Summers. Contributors of poetery included Rick Norwood

Letters came from Kay Anderson (ST-Phile), John Brunner, Bob Bloch, Dick Ellington, Philip Jose Farmer, Chuck Harris, Joe Hensley, Lee Hoffman (Quandry, Chooog), Jerry Kaufman (The Spanish Inquisition), Norm Metcalf, Rick Sneary (The Outlander, Moonshine), Jerry Sohl, and Bjo Trimble (Shangri L'Affaires), among others.