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Jena von Brücker in The Lollipop Generation

Jena von Brücker is a photographer, actor and zine editor.

During the late eighties, Jena and brother Klaus von Brücker published Jane and Frankie from Montreal. Two issues of the zine were released. During this time, Jena contributed to J.D.s. She was featured on the cover and in the centerfold of issue seven of that zine, and her photography appears on the cover of issue eight.

In the early nineties she relocated to Toronto and joined up with fellow editors Caroline Azar, G.B. Jones, Johnny Noxzema and Rex, who began to release Double Bill. Five issues of this 'hate-zine' (as opposed to 'fanzine') were published. The zine glorified actor William Conrad at the expense of writer William Burroughs. The editors produced the publication from 1991 till 2001. During this time they contributed an article to Girl Germs. As well, Jena and G.B. were interviewed by Alarm Clock, and the zine was written about in The Village Voice, among other publications.

In 1992 Jena starred in the film The Yo-Yo Gang by G.B. Jones, alongside other notable zinesters.

In 1993, she created Jane Gets A Divorce, a one-issue-only zine which was featured in the compilation issue of Outpunk, as one of the important zines editor Matt Wobensmith wished to highlight.

Jena has also appeared in zines such as Agony, Fuh Cole, and SCAB, and contributed to a number of others, including Chainsaw. Her photography of the band Fifth Column is featured in their 1995 CD release, 36-C and Jena appears on the cover.

In 2008, the feature film The Lollipop Generation by G.B. Jones was released, with Jena von Brücker in the starring role.




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