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Bruce LaBruce is a Toronto, Canada based film-maker, writer, and photographer. He co-edited the queer punk zine J.D.s in the mid-eighties with G.B. Jones, which helped launch the "Homocore" or "Queercore" movement. After the demise of J.D.s he launched the zine Dumb Bitch Deserves To Die with Candy Parker.

LaBruce went on to be a photographer and columnist for magazines like Honcho, Inches, Eye Magazine, Exclaim, and Index, to which he was recently named a contributing editor. LaBruce has also contributed to the National Post, UK Guardian, Vice, Dutch, Butt, Strut, Dazed and Confused, Loyal, Doingbird, The Breeder, Bon, and K48.


During the 1980s Bruce LaBruce made a number of short films, such as Boy, Girl and Home Movies (co-directed by Candy Parker) starring G.B. Jones. LaBruce released his first feature length film in 1991 entitled No Skin Off My Ass, which also starred G.B. Jones. In 1994 his follow-up movie was Super 8 1/2. In 1996 he co-released Hustler White with Rick Castro, starring Tony Ward and Vaginal Davis. LaBruce both directed and starred in his earlier films. In 1998 he directed the art/porn film Skin Flick. In 2004 he made The Raspberry Reich, a film about sexual terrorists, before turning to the zombie films Otto or Up With Dead People (2008) and L.A. Zombie (2010).



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