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Matt Wobensmith is a zine editor from the U.S.A.

Matt grew up in the East Coast of the United States and was drawn to the Hardcore Punk scene of the mid 1980's. Moving to the West Coast city of San Francisco, California, he started a zine and label called Outpunk. Outpunk ran for seven issues, from 1992 till 1997, with contributions from queer punks such as Anonymous Boy and Donna Dresch, interviews with people like Jody Bleyle, and articles on queercore bands such as God is My Co-Pilot, Behead The Prophet, No Lord Shall Live, Sister George, Tribe 8 and Pansy Division. Issue two appeared as a split issue with Fembot, a zine by Gary Fembot, of the band Sta-Prest. Issue 6 was a compilation issue consisting of a collection of reprints of articles from zines that Matt felt were notable, such as Bamboo Girl, Bikini Kill, Bimbox, Double Bill, Easily Grossed Out, Fat Girl, Fembot, Girl Fiend, Girl Germs, Jane Gets A Divorce, Now I Devour You, PC Casualties, Positron, Rude Girl, Queer, Shrimp, and many others.

In 2013, selections from Outpunk were reprinted in the anthology, The Riot Grrrl Collection compiled by Lisa Darms from The Riot Grrrl Archives at Fales Library at NYU, and published by The Feminist Press.

Outpunk was also a record label, the first devoted to queer punk bands, releasing the first recordings by bands such as Tribe 8, Pansy Division, Sta-Prest , Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live, Mulkilteo Fairies, and Lords of Lightspeed. These last three bands all featured zine editor Joshua Plague on vocals. Other bands who released recordings on the label include Team Dresch, which included zinester Donna Dresch, Fifth Column, and God Is My Co-Pilot, which included zinester Fly.

Matt Wobensmith was featured in the Punk Planet publication We Owe You Nothing: Punk Planet, The Collected Interviews.

He also worked on many projects around the punk scene like Maximum Rock and Roll and The Epic Center --which was a record store and community center. In 2008 he opened a store that sells vintage and hard to find zines called Gutteblud.