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Fly is a comic and graphic artist, musician and zinester residing in New York City.

Fly's first zine bore the same name but, in fact, her name came from the zine, not the other way 'round. The zine was made on a postcard and mailed and handed out to people, who commonly referred to its editor as "that 'Fly' girl", and then, simply Fly. She kept the name.

Fly has contributed to a number of well-known zines. Fly's comic Zero Content was regularly published in Slug & Lettuce for a number of years. She also contributed comics to Cindy Ovenrack Crabb's Support Zine. She contributed a comic for the 25th Anniversary issue of Punk Magazine, and her artwork has been featured on the covers of Maximum Rock N Roll, Profane Existence, and Aaron Cometbus' novel, Double Deuce. In 1999 her book CHRON!ICRIOTS!PA!SM was published by Autonomedia. In 2003, a book of her portraits, called PEOPS, was published by Soft Skull Press.

Fly is also a musician who played bass with the New York-based band God Is My Co-Pilot for a number of years. The band released many recordings, and some of their early singles and albums appeared on the Outpunk record label. Fly is presently in the band Zero Content, named after her own comic.

Fly hosted the DIY Comix and Zine-Making Workshop at the Museum of Comics and Cartoons in New York City, and brought in guest speakers such as John Holstrom, co-editor of Punk Magazine. She was featured in the December 2013 issue of Colouring Outside The Lines with an interview and reproductions of her art work.


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