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Science Fantasy News
Issue 4 1949
Cover art by Arthur Williams

Science Fantasy News was a science fiction fanzine edited by A. Vince Clarke, joined by Joy Goodwin Clarke in 1955, and published by the S.F. Society in Kent, UK, and later London, England, UK.

Science Fantasy News began in January 1949 as the official organ of the S.F. Society. When the society folded in 1951, Vince Clarke continued to publish the fanzine as an independent publication and H. Ken Bulmer became associate editor. In 1955 Joy Goodwin Clarke became co-editor, with Sandy Sanderson joining them in 1958. 16 issues were released, the last in June 1960.

Science Fantasy News regularly reviewed the newest science fiction 'Pulp' magazines, books and films, listed fanzines, reported on news about fans, and conventions, and carried letters. 16 issues were released, the last in June 1960. In between the 'official' issues several 'minor' issues were also published, focusing on the latest news, and a London SF Convention 1952 supplement was published as well.

Contributors included Norman Ashfield, Daphne Bradley Buckmaster (Esprit, Random), H. Ken Bulmer, James Burch, Ron Deacon, John Dee, Joy Goodwin, John Gunn, Dorothy Jacobs, Terry Jeeves (Vector, ERG) James L. Keeping, Bernard Lee, Derek Pickles (Phantasmagoria), Owen D. Plumridge, James Rattigan (EYE), Sandy Sanderson, Ken Slater, Tony Thorne, Ted Tubb (Vector), James White (Slant), Walt Willis (Hyphen), and John Wiseman.

Contributing cover art was artist Arthur Williams (The Science Fantasy Fan, Unique).

In the 1950s. Vince Clarke also co-edited the title EYE with Stuart Mackenzine, E.C. Tubb, James Rattigan and Joy Clarke. Vince would later return to fanzine publishing in the 1980s and 1990s as co-editor of Pulp, with Avedon Carol, Rob Hansen, John Harvey and Pam Wells.

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