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PMS Issue 7

PMS was a queer skinhead zine by Rik.

PMS first appeared in December, 1991. The first few issues were published in Boston before editor Rik moved to England. The zine featured articles about skinhead culture, such as "Real Skins Aren't Racist", "Why I'm A Skin", "The Rise and Fall of the Gay Skinhead Movement" "10 Uses For A Dead Fascist", as well as articles on anarchism and politics, like "Taking Control: Questions and Answers On Anarchism", and music, such as the article on "Sick Of It All", the clubnight Rik and two friends ran in London. Included were reviews of live shows, records, books and movies such as No Skin Off My Ass. There were interviews with bands such as The Sissies, Citizen Fish, Oi Polloi, Crispy Nuts, and Fifth Column, and with people such as Larry Livermore, Ben Weasel and Matt Wobensmith, editor of Outpunk. Contributors included Rude Boy James, John G. Byrne, Dave Kocher, Bob Morehouse, Lesa, Lynn, Jim Igoe, The Nutty Redskin, M. W. Russell, Zero, and Donny The Punk.

The first four issues also contained extensive reviews of zines such as Agony, Bimbox, Butt Ugly, Double Bill, Fucktooth, Fuh Cole, Gay Skinhead Movement, Holy Titclamps, J.D.s, The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest 'zine, No KKK No Fascist USA, The Noise, Not Your Bastard, Open Road, Ooompa! Ooompa!, Rude Review, SCAB, Teen Punks In Heat, Three Dollar Bill, and Tighten Up.

PMS stood for: Political, Musical, Sexual until issue six, and after that stood for: Personal, Musical, Sexual.