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Issue 20 July 1985
Cover art by Michael McGann

Chronicles, edited and published by Susan Smith-Clarke, is a media science fiction fanzine.

Chronicles was first published in January 1981 in Faulconbridge, N.S.W., Australia, and contained short stories based on the television series Blake's 7. Also included was art work, articles, poetry, reviews, editorials, and letter columns. 70 issues were published, the last in 2005.

Contributors of fiction included Judy Baumann, Monica Bell, Peter Brodie, Lana Brown, Sheelagh Buchanan, Faye Bull, Sue Bursztynski (Tales from New Wales), Linda Cox Chan, Debbie Churchyard, Kylie Churchyard, Timothy Clarke, Bernice Cuffe, Moira Dahlberg, Greg Dales, Falcon D'Arenburg, Ruth Dick-Smith, Fiona Ellem, Pat Fenech, Barbara Hamilton Fletcher, Alison Glover, Cathy Lynn Goodwin, Marian de Haan, Marilyn Hammond, Katrina M. Harkness, Narrelle Harris (Phoenix), Edwina Harvey (later editor of The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet), Linda Hasn, C. Hawkins, Jenny Hayward, Karen Herkes (The Companions), Yvonne S. Hintz, John Humphries, Robert Jan, Jule Johnson, Michelle Kavazos, Venessa Kelly, Catherine Kerrigan, xBryn Lantry, Jennie Leigh, Marie Logan, Maryclare Mabon, Karen McAllister, Linda McCarthy, Craig McCombe, Shayne McCormack (Terran Times), Felicity L. Millard, C.F. Millerd, minds-i-view, Monica Mitchell, Anna Morgan, Anne Neville, Gail Neville, Rosie Peck, April Pentland, Jenny Phillips, Margaret Pitcher, Marianne Plumridge, Tele Ported, Geraldine Pragnell, Natalie Prior, Judith Proctor, Wendy Ratter, Rebecca Reeves, Leah Rosenthal, Helen Sergeant, Susan Smith-Clarke, Jean Stroud, Felis Sylvestris, Linda Terrell, Geoff Tilley, Sheila Tracey, Virginia Turpin, Robin Walker, Teresa Ward, Nikki White (Multiverse), Andrew Williams, Ann Wortham, and Virginia Wurth.

Contributors of non-fiction included Kathryn Andersen, Allan Anderson, Peter Brodie, Ron Clarke, Sheila Cougah, Anne Devrell, Janet Ellicot, Jenny Gallagher, Tracy Hamilton, Narrelle Harris, Susan Hinckley, Yvonne Hintz, Joanne Keating (Beyond Antares), Linda McCarthy, Shayne McCormack, Margaret Pitcher, Val Rogers, Susan Smith-Clarke, Julie Townsend, Sheila Tracy, Julie Vaux, Nikki White, Andrew Williams, and Bev Wright.

Contributors of art work included Sakura Allison, Kathryn Andersen, Randy Ash, Alison Bloomfield, Lana Brown, Theresa Buffaloe, Linda Cox Chan, Tim Clarke, Bernice Cuffe, Ruth Dick-Smith, Fiona Ellem, Megan Ellem, Lana Fahey, Nola Frame-Gray, Jenny Hale, Tracy Hamilton, Kerrie Hanlon, Susan Hinckley, Yvonne Hintz, John Humphries, Robert Jan, Terry Jeeves (ERG, The Damned Patrol, Vector), Merridy Johnstone, Michael Kavazos, Michelle Kavazos, Joanne Keating, Rita Lennon, Denise Loague, Esther Mace, L. McCarthy, Chris McCombe, Shayne McCormack, Michael McGann, minds-i-view, Monica Mitchell, Jocelyn Munro, Gail Neville, Patricia Ostwald, Steven Pacey, Tod Parish, Marianne Plumridge, Ruth Richardson-Smith, Gayle Rogers, Leah Rosenthal, Bernice Russell, Elsie Sager, Geoff Tilley, John Tipper (Metaluna), Virginia Turpin, Ruth Waters, Andrew Williams, Rosemary Woodhouse, Anne Wortham, and M. Wright.

Covers were by Kathryn Andersen, Alison Bloomfield, Lana Brown, Theresa Buffaloe, Adrian Butcher, Linda Cox Chan, Bernice Cuffe, Shayne McCormack, Michael McGann, minds-i-view, Patricia Ostwald, Marianne Plumridge, Val Westall, and Andrew Williams.

Contributors of poetry included Kathryn Andersen, Peter Brodie, Carol Burgess, Sue Bursztynski, Moira Dahlberg, Ruth Dick-Smith, Fiona Ellem, Narrelle Harris, Yvonne Hintz, Robert Jan, xBryn Lantry, Mai Ling, Melissa Mastoris, Shayne McCormack, Marianne Plumridge, Ruth Richardson-Smith, Nova Salsh-Klabe, Susan Smith-Clarke, Jean Stroud, Shelley Templar, Sheila Tracy, Teresa Ward, and Ruth Waters.

Chronicles is included in the Susan Smith-Clarke Zine Collection at The National Library of Australia.

Susan Smith-Clarke also published the fanzines Medtrek and, with Joanne Keating, Beyond Antares.

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