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Multiverse is a media science fiction fanzine by Nikki White.

The first issue of Multiverse appeared in Australia in December 1979. It was a mimeographed fanzine that combined various media SF characters from Star Trek and Star Wars to create literary SF stories. Other television series and films utilized in the stories included Battlestar Galactica, Blake's 7, Dark Shadows, Doctor Who, and Forever Knight. 30 issues were published, the last issue appeared in in June 1999.

Issue 1 was completely done by Nicki White, but other fans began contributing as of issue 2, which was released in March 1980.

Contributors included J.J. Adamson, Kathryn Andersen, Mick Avenhouse, Sue Burztynski (Tales from New Wales), Adrian Butcher, Jill Curtin, Moira Dahlberg, Russell Devlin, Pat Dunn, Jenny Gallagher, Nyssa Groenewegen, Edwina Harvey (The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet), Christine Hawkins, George Ivanoff (Spock), Adam Jensen, Roger Kuiper, Bryn Lantry, Jackie Marshall (Space Rat), Karen McAllister, Linda McCarthy, Shayne McCormack (Terran Times), Karen McCutcheon, Jenny McLean, Gail Neville, Caren Perlmutter, Bob Schreib, Dale Scott, Eluki bes Shahar, Diana Smith, Susan Smith-Clarke (Beyond Antares, Chronicles, Girl’s Own Fanzine), L. Tristy Spence, Felis Sylvertris, Linda Terrell, Geoff Tilley, A.A. Twist, Katrina Weeden, and Vikki Weidner.

Also featured were interviews with Brian Croucher, Sally Knyvetter, Jacqueline Pearce, Gareth Thomans, and Sheelagh Wells.

Beginning in 1982, Nikki White also published the Blake's 7 letterzine Centro, and in 1986, the Doctor Who letterzine Dodecahedron.

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