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Susan Smith-Clarke is one of the seminal figures in Science Fiction fandom in Australia.

Smith-Clarke has been involved in many ways, and through many years, with fandom. She began this long career in high school as a literary Science Fiction fan, publishing Girl’s Own Fanzine (1973). Her later fanzines include the media science fiction fanzines Beyond Antares (1977-1986), the official fanzine of the Star Trek club Astrex, and Chronicles (1984-), a Blake's 7 fanzine.

In 1982 she began editing Medtrek for Medtrek SF Media Convention, which featured the finalists in the fiction and poetry competitions for the Australian National Media Con.

Aside from her own publishing, Susan also acquired a large collection of fanzines, newsletters etc. that are now housed in the National Library of Australia as the Susan Smith-Clarke Fanzine Collection.

In 1997, Susan Smith-Clarke was presented with the A. Bertram Chandler Award from the Australian Science Fiction Foundation.



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