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Phoenix: a Blake's Seven zine was published by Narrelle Harris.

The subtitle sometimes appears as: a Blake's 7 'zine. It was published on a Gestetner press in Australia. The first issue was released in 1983, with issue 2 appearing in June 1984 and issue 3 in 1985. Phoenix contained stories written by Narrelle Harris based on characters from the television series Blake's 7.

Narrelle Harris also published the fanzines Inconsequential Parallax, Out Of The Warzone, and Scenario.

Narrelle Harris is well known as a media Science Fiction writer, and her work also appeared in Beyond Antares, Chronicles, and Medtrek, among other fanzines. She is the author of the books Fly By Night, The Opposite of Life, and the trilogy Witch's Honour.

Phoenix is included in the Susan Smith-Clarke Zine Collection at The National Library of Australia.

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