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  • ...y titles with barcodes for a period of two weeks. There are also many free zines for the taking. ...artment at the library also holds a non-circulating New Jersey Zines ("Jer-Zines") Collection which can be accessed in their reading room, currently open by
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  • == History == ...ters in Canada too, Frandroid decided to start a [[distro]] to support the local zine scene. In 2000, Frandroid moved to Toronto, where he continued to expa
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  • == History == ...nd of 2006, there were some 200 different titles in the archive, including zines from as early as 1946. There are printed versions of many [[Webzine]]s in t
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  • ..., and addressed local and international indie music, with some nods to the local [[punk]] scene, and was allegedly humorous. ...blishing package, it was intended to stand out visually from other [[DIY]] zines. It consisted of a monochrome A4 sheet of paper, folded down the middle, an
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  • ...anhill, Glasgow, UK. Established in 2018, their collection holds over 1000 zines. ==History==
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  • [[Image:grrrl-go-go.jpg|frame|Grrrl Zines A Go-Go]] '''Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go''' AKA GZAGG, is an all-women workshop group based in Southern Cali
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  • ...], post-marxist theory, [[feminism]], [[animal rights]], bike maintenance, history, subvertising, and [[DIY]] sex toys. They also carried many local [[zine]]s, as well as some non-local zines.
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  • ...helped organize the annual [[Portland Zine Symposium]] and now hosts local history bike tours he calls The Urban Adventure League. ==Zines==
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  • of speech, while it brings together people who appreciate the medium of zines and want to share work and ideas. ...nt media. The fest helps people to share skills and information related to zines and zine culture. Through hands-on, discussion-based events, the fest inclu
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  • Collective. It focuses on collecting and sharing mental health related zines, and cataloguing them on their website. The collection contains mostly perzines, but also compilation zines and DIY published poetry collections, short stories and comics/graphic nove
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  • ==History== ...crets of [[Jesus Christ]]", "Adolph and Eva", "[[Bob Flanagan]]", a map of local crack houses and murder sites etc, so Howard only ended up making one zine,
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  • == History == Registration is on a sliding scale: free for smaller/per-zines, and a nominal fee for larger scale magazines and distros, in hopes of keep
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  • Oakslander featured the Oaklandish approach to local history, which is about the grit, grind and grease of Oakland, stuff that is usuall ...e, [[Sean "Goblin" Aaberg]] was cleary inspired by [[Cometbus]]'s focus on history and localism.
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  • ...rry, Cypher in the Snow and Boss Hog. Also included were reviews of shows, local bands such as Apeface, a centerfold of Darby Crash and a reprint of an arti ...rship.html A mention of ''Cunt Fear'' in Matthew Hunt's essay, ''Cunt: The History of the C-Word'']
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  • =====Format and History===== *It's a viola, actually: how to befriend your friendly, local violist
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  • In 2002, while indertaking her doctoral research on Australian zines as an autobiographical form at the University of Newcastle, Poletti started *[[Intimate ephemera]]: an investigation of life narratives in Australian zines (2005) a Thesis (Ph. D.) by Anna Poletti through the School of Humanities a
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  • ...local music scene in Anchorage, featuring interviews and show reviews from local legends such as The Clyng-Onz, Psychedelic Skeletons, and Skate Death. Fran Dale Buckendahl, Cassettes (Reviews) by Lady Die and Bill Bored, More Local News (Psychedelic Skeletons, Bombshelter Videos) by Peter Hill, Noise For T
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  • ...Yorkshire]] were part of the main four people who were responsible for the zines output. ...and The Fair Maiden of Yorkshire were featured throughout the zines short history. The zine was popular throughout the north of England, yet its deliberately
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  • '''History of Citizeen''' ...use in their opinion, "Staring at computer screens does not tend to foster local community."
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  • ...of anthologies of zines, small art books, investigative social pieces, and local authors. ...of writing and art should be preserved as part of our collective cultural history and look forward to our active roll in this effort.
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