Misadventures in Lofi

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Misadventures in Lofi was a freesheet that ran for four issues between 1996-1997 in Dublin, Ireland. Written by Karl Whitney.

The publication tackled diverse, ostensibly mainstream topics, such as the revolutionary import of characters on the Australian soap Neighbours, a history of Warner Brothers animation, a history of the Scottish soft-drink Irn Bru, and addressed local and international indie music, with some nods to the local punk scene, and was allegedly humorous.

It had a couple of recurrent features: "Maurice Mouths Off", an angry media analyst rages at the contemporary world; and "Indie Ghetto", fictional news about small-time indie no-marks.

Produced on a basic desktop publishing package, it was intended to stand out visually from other DIY zines. It consisted of a monochrome A4 sheet of paper, folded down the middle, and had a print run of 100-150 copies.