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Warning Fanzine

Warning was a zine created by Frank Harlan in 1982, in Anchorage, Alaska.

It was the first punk zine in Alaska. It ran until the fall of 1985. During this time, Frank and his cohorts interviewed some of the best known punk bands of the day, including Black Flag, FEAR, DRI, and Suicidal Tendencies (and help bring the last two bands up to Anchorage in the mid-80s). Most importanly, perhaps, Warning was the mouthpiece for the growing local music scene in Anchorage, featuring interviews and show reviews from local legends such as The Clyng-Onz, Psychedelic Skeletons, and Skate Death. Frank has since moved to Seattle, where he continued Bombshelter Videos, and began work as a professional entertainer.


#16 (Fall 1985) “The Yeah We’re Still Here Issue”. Cover by J. Alexander Baboon Dooley comics, MailBag, Ratz comics, Local Music Column (Psychedelic Skeletons, Skate Death, Clyng-Onz), “Klaatu Barada Nikto” by Peter Hill, Poetry by Michael Williams, Gnarly Beef Report (SkateTour 85) by Karl Augstead and photos by Dale Buckendahl, Cassettes (Reviews) by Lady Die and Bill Bored, More Local News (Psychedelic Skeletons, Bombshelter Videos) by Peter Hill, Noise For The Needy interview by Rob, Editorial by Frank Harlan about Catch-22 (TV music-video station), Baboon Dooley comics, 33s and 45s (Record Reviews) by Various Staff, Fanzines Etc. by Various Staff, “Sid’s Dead” comic by Linda Crothers, “Third World Intervention” comic by Vince Rancid.

#15 (April/May/June 1985) :The Slick Issue”. Cover by Frank Harlan Letters, Local (DOA at EPWR, DOVE zine, Skate Death, ABDK=A Bunch of Dead Kids, Clyng-Onz, Vox Populli band, Now God zine, Greg Granquist of EPWR), Psychedelic Skeletons interview, The Clyng-Onz interview, Naked Raygun Interivew by Nan Warshaw, DOA Live in Alaska! by Bill Bored, Gnarly Beef Report by Karl Augstead,

#13 (Nov-Dec 1984) “Two Year Anniversary Issue”. Cover by F. Harlan Letters and Stuff, Local News (The Exhumed, Psychedelic Skeletons, Skate Death, Clyng-Onz, Bomb Factory zine) by B. Bored, Proces Interview, “Call To Action” by Michael Eisner (not “the” Michael Eisner), Dead End Interview, Baboon Dooley comics, Cassette-Only (Reviews) by Bill Bored, “Skate Terrorists” comic by Linda Crothers, “The Adventure in Sandboarding” by Jim Kazanjian, Ska Report by Staff, Unclassifieds, Record Reviews by B. Bored and Various Staff, Baboon Dooley comics, “A Brief History of Punk in the US” by Will Power, More Records, Hey It’s The NY/NJ Mod Scene by Mick London, Gnarly Beef Report by Karl Augstead, Last Words Crossword.

#12 (Sept-Oct 1984) “The Gifted and Talented Issue”. Baboon Dooley comics, Letters and Stuff, Local News (Urban Tribe, Angry Nuns, Skate Death, Nice Guys at Fourth of July show), Art Lesson #1, Poetry, Broken Talent, Don’t No, KC Scene Report, Mr Fix comic, Cassettes Only (reviews), Spikerdoodles comics, Gnarly Beef Report by Karl Augestad, Alaska Skate History, RKL Interview, Model Citizen Interview, Dreadlock Rock by F. Harlan, Record Reviews, Mr Fix comics, The Misadventures of Happy and Bally comics, What’s Shaking Outside, Fanzines (reviews).

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