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Bento is a science fiction fanzine by David D. Levine and Kate Yule.

Bento is a pocket sized fanzine from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., measuring 4 and a quarter inches by 5 and a half inches, of which twenty issues have been published. The first issue appeared in August 1989, with subsequent issues following yearly.

The editors explain what Bento is; "Oh. Well, in Japan bento is a box lunch, a delightful compilation of strange and interesting tidbits, meticulously arranged. As I said in issue #1, of the first time I encountered some: "Each box was a complete little lunch with a neatness, a self-sufficiency, a unity-in-variety that seems typically Japanese." Exactly what we aspired to in our own pocket-sized offering of words. Bento calls itself, "the fanzine where science fiction fandom and gay square dancing meet.

Contributors of art work included Steve Berry, Kurt Erichsen, Brad Foster, Giovannia Fregni, Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer), Ian Gunn, Teddy Harvia, Steve Hunnicutt, David Levine, Sue Mason (Plokta), Julie McGalliard, Ulrika O'Brien, and Kate Yule.

Contributors of writing including Elizabeth Bourne, Andrei Codrescu, Darin Furry, Kathryn Ice, Laurie Mann Anne Marie Merritt, and Ariel Shattan.

Letters came from Tracy Benton (Wabe), Pamela Boal, David Bratman, rich brown, Jim Caughran, John Dallman, Cathy Doyle, Moshe Feder, George Flynn, E.B. Frohvet, Janice Gelb, Jenny Glover, Steve Green, Judith Hanna (Fuck The Tories), Teddy Harvia, Arthur D. Hlavaty, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Jerry Kaufman (The Spanish Inquisition), Peter Larsen, Hope Leibowitz, Marilyn Levine, Eric Lindsay, Mark Manning, Luke McGuff, Lynn Ann Morse, Joseph Nicholas (Vector), Ulrika O'Brien, Bruno Ogorolec, Lloyd Penney (Torus), Yvonne Penney, John Purcell (Askance), Vicki Rosenzweig, Ian Sorenson, Karen Stephenson, Candi Strecker, Roger Waddington, Donald Wileman and William Yule.

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