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Lilian Edwards is a zine editor from Scotland.

Edwards was co-editor,with Christina Lake, of the 1980s fanzine This Never Happens. The article, "The Fan in the High Castle" by Lilian Edwards, Christina Lake and Simon Ounsley, from issue 10, was selected for reprinting in the anthology Fanthology '87. In January 1988, she and Lilian Edwards published the first issue of The Caprician.

Edwards and Lake were nicknamed "the Twins" and stood successfully as joint candidates for the TransAtlantic Fan Fund.

In the 2000s, she co-edited the fanzine Gloss with Victor Gonzalez. Three issues appeared, the last in 2001. She followed this up with Floss!, which ran for several issues. Lilian Edwards most recent fanzine is The Wrong Leggings.



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