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Empties was a British fanzine edited by Martin Tudor.

Launched as an apazine in June 1983 (distributed via Apa-B), it subsequently became a general distribution anthology. Many of the later issues had set themes.

Contributions included Lilian Edwards (This Never Happens) with a reprint from The Women's Periodical, Ahrvid Engholm on Swedish Fandom, Steve Green with fanzine reviews, Judith Hanna (Fuck The Tories) on politics, Irwin Hirsh's (Sikander, Thyme) GUFF Trip Report, Lucy Huntzinger (Rude Bitch) with a report on Mexicon, Ken Lake on Mexicon, Helen McNab, Maureen Porter on bellringing, and Paul Vincent on Dungeons and Dragons.

The last issue (#17) was released in August 1996.

Tudor also published the fanzine Critical Wave with Steve Green.

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