Fanthology '87

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Fanthology '87
Cover art by Teddy Harvia and Peggy Ranson

Fanthology '87 is a science fiction fanzine by Richard Brandt.

Fanthology '87 is an anthology of fan writing that appeared in various fanzines previous to 1987. It was published in El Paso, Texas, U.S.A.

The front cover was by Teddy Harvia and Peggy Ranson, and the back cover and illustrations were by Teddy Harvia. The layout was by Roy Anthony.

The contributions, in order of appearance, are "A Note From the Editor" by Richard Brandt, "Clarion Fannish" by Terry Carr from Outworlds, "Aspects and Inclinations" by Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Teresa Nielsen Hayden from Hyphen, "The Ansible Year in Review" by Dave Langford from Pulp, "All Our Yesterdays" by Harry Warner, Jr. from Holier Than Thou, "Visit to a Small Factory" by Marc Ortlieb from Holier Than Thou, "The Cracked Eye" by Gary Hubbard from Trap Door, "The Fan in the High Castle" by Lilian Edwards, Christina Lake, and Simon Ounsley from This Never Happens, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Melbourne" by Cy Chauvin from Sikander, "Trains in the Distance" by Bruce Gillespie from Sikander, "Mozart on Morphine" by Greg Benford from Mainstream, "Over Rough Terrain" by Teresa Nielsen Hayden, "Manuscript Found in a Coke Can" by Linda Bushyager from Duprass, "The Lat Deadloss Visions" by Christopher Priest, "An Open Letter to Joanna Russ" by Jeanne Gomoll from Six Shooter, and "The Island of Dr. Gernsbach" by Bernedette Bosky and Arthur Hlavaty from Outworlds.

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