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Uranus was a speculative and fantastic poetry zine edited by Roger L. Dutcher.

Uranus ran four issues from Spring 1979 to Autumn 1984.

Poets appearing in Uranus included Duane Ackerson, Greg Bear, Harry Bose, Ray Bradbury (Futuria Fantasia), Peter Dillingham, Sonya Dorman, Roger Dutcher, Raymond DiZazzo, Robert Frazier (Speculative Poetry Review, Star*Line), Terry A. Garey, Andrew Joron (Velocities), Elissa Malcohn (Star*Line), Robert Randolph Medcalf Jr. (Apogee), Errol Miller, H. Warner Munn, Ron Nance, Kathryn Rantala, Mark Rich (Treaders of Starlight), Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), William Stafford, Chad Walsh, Neal Wilgus, and others.

After ending Uranus, Roger Dutcher began publishing The Magazine of Speculative Poetry with Mark Rich.