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Velocities was a speculative and fantastic poetry zine edited by Andrew Joron.

Velocities ran 5 issues, from Summer 1982 to Winter 1988.

The fourth issue, a special "science poetry" issue, was guest edited by Robert Frazier (Speculative Poetry Review, Star*Line). The final issue was a special "speculative prose poetry issue".

Poets appearing in Velocities included Diane Ackerman, Duane Ackerson, Will Alexander, Ivan Arguelles, Hope Athearn, Lee Ballentine, Douglas Barbour, D.S. Black, Bruce Boston, Alan Catlin, Michael R. Collings, S.R. Compton, Adam Cornford, Jack Dann, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Thomas M. Disch (Just Friends), Sonya Dorman, Helen Ehrlich, Robert Frazier, Terry A. Garey, Loss Glazier, Joe Haldeman, Andrew Joron, David Lunde, Elissa Malcohn (Star*Line), Edward Mycue, Anselm Parlatore, Kathryn Rantala, Kim Stanley Robinson, John Oliver Simon, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), D.R. Suvin, Steve Rasnic Tem (Umbral), Gene Van Troyer, Jonathan Vos Post, Tom Whalen, Lois Wickstrom (Pandora), t. Winter-Damon, Al Zolynas, and others.

Velocities also ran a few articles. The second issue carried an article by Suzuette Haden Elgin (Star*Line), and the fourth issue had an article by Robert Frazier.