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Umbral was a speculative poetry zine edited by Steve Rasnic Tem.

Umbral was published in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At least five issues were published, with the fourth and fifth issues being a combined double-issue.

Poets appearing in Umbral included Diane Ackerman, Duane Ackerson, Carol Berge, Bruce Berger, Douglas Blazek, David R. Bunch, Michael Butterworth, Civ Cedering, Thomas M. Disch (Just Friends), Janet Fox (Scavenger's Newsletter), Robert Frazier (Star*Line), Albert Goldbarth, Michael Hamburger, Adrianne Marcus, Kathryn Rantala, Daryl Scroggins, Lynn Strongin, Bill Tremblay, William John Watkins, Tom Whalen, Lois Wickstrom (Pandora), and others.

The third issue (Winter 1978) also included Tem's essay "On Defining & Not Defining Speculative Poetry".