Stars (Farsace)

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Issue 2 December 1940-January 1941

Stars was a science fiction fanzine edited by Larry Farsace ( Born Litterio B. Farsaci in 1921, died 2013).

Stars was published as a "Golden Atom Publication", coming from Rochester, New York, U.S.A. Farsace intended it as a supplement to his primary fanzine The Golden Atom. The second issue appeared in December 1940 - January 1941 and was 14 pages.

The second issue features the poems "Nostalgia" by H. P. Lovecraft (The United Co-Operative), "Lichens" by Clark Ashton Smith, as well as pieces by Jack Chapman Miske (Scienti-Snaps, Chaos), John Christopher (Christopher Samuel Youd) (The Fantast, Fan Dance), and Jean Howard. The issue also included an article on poetry by Farsaci.

Letters came from Louis Russell Chauvenet (A, Bonfire), Paul Freehafer (Polaris), Mary Gnaedinger, Erle Korshak, Francis J. Litz, Vincent Manning (Pluto), and Harry Warner, Jr. (Spaceways).

Larry Fasace published The Golden Atom from 1939 till 1959.