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Genevieve K. Stephens was a science fiction fanzine editor and poet.

In the 1940s Genevieve Stephens published the science fiction and fantasy fanzine Loki with co-editor Gerry de la Ree.The first issue appeared in Spring 1948. It was followed by issue two, which appeared in the Summer of 1948 and featured a cover by Jerri Bullock.

As well, Genevieve Stephens was an active contributor to a number of science fiction fanzines in the 1940s and into the 1950s. Her poem Witch! Witch!, with illustration by Bill Rotsler, included in Spacewarp, is one of many such contributions. Her work also appeared in such pulp magazines as Street & Smith’s Detective Story Magazine (UK) (Vol. 6, #8).

She also contributed to small press poetry publications such as Poet Lore and Phylon: The Atlantic University Review of Race and Culture (Vol. 9, No. 3, 3rd Qtr, pg 231, 1948), where her poetry appears right next to Langston Hughes' work.

Genevieve K. Stephens also had some books of poetry published, including Leaves On The Wind.




  • Leaves On The Wind, The Blue River Press, 22 pgs, 1944