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Fiendetta is a science fiction fanzine by Charles Wells, published in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

Fiendetta was a hectographed and mimeographed fanzine. It contained an editorial by the editor, articles, columns, art work, and a letters column.

At least fourteen issues were released from September 1952 to 1956.

Artwork was by Lee Hoffman (Quandry) and Charles Wells. Hoffman and Wells collaborated on five colour covers for the zine. Other covers were by Lynn Hickman (TLMA, The Little Corpuscle), and Max Keasler.

Columns were contributed by Larry Anderson (Scintilla), Don Cantin, Dave Parker, Russ Watkins, and 'Art Wesley' (aka Dean Grennell (Grue).

Other contributions of prose included Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin), Dave English (Fantasias), Lee Hoffman, Karl King, J.T. Oliver (Worlds Apart), Dale Tarr, and Wilson 'Bob' Tucker (Science Fiction Newsletter).

Poetry was contributed by Katherine Antonescu, Tedd Dameck, Jesse Floyd, Dale Tarr, Charles Wells, and others.

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