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Ash-Wing 1960s copy.jpg

Ash-Wing was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Frank Denton.

Ash-Wing heralded from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. First published in 1968, this title was released for a decade, ending in October, 1978. During that time 24 issues were produced. Ash-Wing regularly published short fiction and poetry.

In Checkpoint 55, Darroll Pardoe said of Ashwing; "A fine genzine, with an excellent cover owl."

Contributors included Ross Bagby, Douglas Barbour, Roy Berger, Dainis Bisenieks, Michael Carlson, Jeff Frane (Hedgehog), David Kleist, and Mike Kring.

Fiction was by David Carew, Randall Larson (Threshold of Fantasy), and Ken St. Andre, among others. Ash-Wing provided the first publication of the story, "My Secret Place" by Lisa Tuttle (Mathom).

Poetry was by Michael Carlson, and Darrell Schweitzer.

Contributing artists included Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan), Grant Canfield, Jann Frank, Gary Green, Don Herron, Terry Jeeves (ERG, The Damned Patrol), Mario Navarro, Joe Pearson, Andy Porter (Algol), Lex Reibestein, Stu Shiffman (Raffles), Jim Shull, Reed Waller, and Chuck Wing.

Ash-Wing followed Denton's earlier fanzine Hoom, co-published with Bee Bowman. After the end of the run of Ash-Wing Frank Denton published As the Crow Flies, followed by The Rogue Raven.