Ad infinitum

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Ad infinitum
Vol. 1 No. 4 April 1945
Cover art "The Blind Spaceman" by Tom Paley

Ad Infinitum was a science fiction fanzine edited and published by Al Weinstein from New York, NY, U.S.A.

Five issues were published between May 1944 and July 1945.

The fourth issue (#1.4) (April 1945) featured fiction by Thomas Maloney; poetry by James Russell Gray; articles by Joe Kennedy (Vampire, Joe's Jottings), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), Bob Tucker (Le Zombie, Science Fiction Newsletter), Jay Chidsey, and Al Weinstein; interior art by Joy Kennedy, Tom Paley and Arthur McCourt, and cover art by Tom Paley. Letters came from Joe Kennedy, Gerry de la Ree (Sun Spots, Beowulf, Loki), Harry Warner, Jr., and others.

The fifth issue (#2.1) (July 1945) contained poetry by James Russell Gray, Sam Mason, Jay Chidsey, and Al Weinstein; articles by Bob Tucker, Joe Kennedy, Henry Elsner (The Scientifictionist), Sam Mason, Walt Dunkelberger (The National Fantasy Fan), Dave Caplan, Tom Paley, Jay Chidsey, and Al Weinstein; art by Jerry Waible, Tom Paley, Art McCourt, and Al Weinstein; and more.