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Pat Patterson was an artist whose work helped define the look of 1950s and 1960s fanzines.

Pat Patterson was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. By the time she began illustrating fanzines, Pat Patterson already had her own studio and was working as an artist. In the early 1950s she met P. Howard Lyons, Boyd Raeburn, Gerald Steward, and the other members of the group calling themselves "The Derelict Insurgents", who burst upon the science fiction scene in 1954.

Patterson did four covers for Boyd Raeburn's A Bas, as well as covers for Gerald Steward's Gasp!, and Canadian Fandom. She also did all the covers and illustrations and served as Art Director for P. Howard Lyons' Ibidem.

Ibidem was in fact two fanzines: one devoted to science fiction fandom and the other to stage magic. Long after the science fiction version had ceased to be published, the version of Ibidem devoted to stage magic continued on. 36 issues were published in all, released in a hardcover three volume set in the 2000s, with full color reproductions of Pat's covers and illustrations. Pat had been interested in stage magic before meeting Lyons so it was a perfect fit. P. Howard Lyons and Pat married in the 1950s.


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