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Iseult was a science fiction fanzine by Lisa Conesa.

Iseult was published in England, UK in 1972. The first issue was distributed by the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association, but not the subsequent issues. The second issue also appeared in 1972, with issue three, co-edited with Alan Burns, released in 1973 and issue four, also with co-editor Alan Burns, appearing in 1974.

Iseult featured poetry, fiction, and serious articles.

Contributors of writing included George Hay, Archie Mercer (Vector), Beryl Mercer (Link, Oz), and Mary Legg (Crabapple).

Contributors of artwork included Eddie Jones and Brian Robinson.

Lisa Conesa also published the fanzine Zimri, which won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 1974, produced the science fiction poetry anthology The Purple Hours, and released her other apazine Gambit, also through OMPA.